Dragon Ball GT Episode 64

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Dragonball GT Episode 64
(Aired 11/19/97)

Saraba Gokuu… Mata Au Hi Made
Goodbye, Gokuu… Till the Day We Meet Again

The narrator starts out by saying that Gokuu was fighting Ii-shinlon,
and defeated the evil dragon by using a huge Genki Dama. This
establishes Gokuu as the Galaxy’s #1 fighter. The narrator ends by
reminding us that Shenlon has awakened.
Shenlon hovers in the sky. Bulma comments that something is wrong —
the sky has not turned dark. Gohan agrees that this isn’t the way
things normally go. Shenlon speaks in a low, slow rumble, telling Gokuu
to stand up. The boy is healed, and looks up (Chi Chi is happy),
noticing that all of the Dragon Balls must have been restored. Shenlon
asks if he understands why the Dark Dragons had appeared. Gokuu answers
that it’s because they used the Dragon Balls to make so many wishes.
Shenlon continues, adding that this is why they (the Z Fighters) can not
be allowed to make any more wishes from now on.
Gokuu understands, but asks for Shenlon to grant one final wish
anyway. Shenlon asks what it is, and the boy asks for the people killed
in the last round of fighting to be brought back to life. He says that
the evil dragons had killed innocent people, and they don’t deserve to
remain dead. He adds that the damage done to the planet can be repaired
by the people of Earth themselves. Shenlon agrees, and grants the wish.
People everywhere are surprised to find that they are alive again
(they’d be more surprised to find themselves at the bottom of one of the
crushed buildings at the same time…) Gill comes flying up (apparently,
Shenlon considers the robot to be a living creature) calling Pan’s name.
Gill says that Pan is dangerous, but it loves her anyway.
Gokuu thanks Shenlon. The dragon states that the wish is granted,
and it’s time for them to leave now. Shenlon tells the boy to get on
its back, and he asks if it’s that time already. The others
are surprised by this. Gokuu tells them that he’ll be gone for just a
short time, and Vejiita runs up to demand a chance to fight him again.
Then, Vejiita realizes what’s happening, and Gokuu quietly begs for the
Prince to keep his secret from the others. Shenlon flies off into the
clouds, with all 7 Dragon Balls encircling Gokuu. Chi Chi yells for her
husband to come back soon.
Bulma thinks about the fact that they can’t use the Dragon Balls
anymore. She remembers when she first set out to find the Balls, and
how that had started the chain of events that caused her to meet Gokuu,
and that had brought all of the friends together. Shenlon and Gokuu fly
over the planet. (In the desert below, where Yamcha used to be a
bandit, Puaru watches as Yamcha tries to fix his car. Tenshinhan and
Chau-zu are at the base of a waterfall; Tenshin bursts from under the
falls to watch as Shenlon flies by.) Gokuu asks for a short detour.
At Kame House, Kuririn comments on Kamesennin’s drooling over a porno
mag. (Apparently, Kuririn’s death at the hands of Super #17 was
considered to be part of “this round of fighting”. Kuririn, Kamesennin,
and the sea turtle are alone at the house.) Kuririn and the turtle make
fun of the old pervert, until Gokuu drops by. Kuririn is happy to see
his friend again, but since Gokuu still looks like a young boy, and
Kamesennin never changes, Kuririn gets depressed that he is the only one
that has gotten old with time. Gokuu challenges the grey-haired runt to
a fight for old time’s sake. They spar, and Gokuu gets punched in the
face. He laughs, and says that Kuririn hasn’t changed a bit. The runt
starts to say that he and #18 still train occasionally, then discovers
that Gokuu has disappeared. Kamesennin realizes what is happening,
(that Gokuu is saying his final goodbyes to his friends) and thanks the
Dragon Balls for this. The ocean waves come in and wash away Gokuu’s
footprints from the sand on the beach.
In Hell, Piccolo is saving some of the oni from a villian that is
terrorizing them. The oni cheer him, and Piccolo notices Gokuu sitting
on some rocks nearby. The demon berates the boy for getting stuck in
Hell again, but all Gokuu wants to do is shake hands. They do, and a
spark encircles their grip. Piccolo wonders what this is about, and
Gokuu says that he won’t forget their time together. Then, the boy
disappears again.

[Commercial Break]

When Shenlon had left them, Chi Chi had shouted for Gokuu to return
soon. She is depressed, having had planned to cook a big supper for
them. Goten and Gohan eagerly look forward to another Pauzu Mountain
Stew special. Bulma states that it is time for them to return home as
well. Uubu hopes that they will all remain healthy, and flies away.
Goten takes Chi Chi home so that she can start cooking right away.
Trunks notices that Pan is standing next to the crater, looking sad.
She asks if the Dragon Balls are really gone for good. He assures her
that as long as they do their best on their own, if they really need to
find the Dragon Balls, the Balls will be there for them to find. Pan
cheers up, and says that she will try her best. Trunks leaves, and Pan
discovers Gokuu’s tattered clothing on the ground. She wonders if Gokuu
has gone off with Shenlon for good. Vejiita solemnly implies that
Kakarot has, and then flies away by himself. Pan sniffs Gokuu’s
clothing, and says “granpa”.
Shenlon soars through the clouds. Gokuu comments that the dragon’s
back feels so nice and warm. The boy falls asleep, and all seven Dragon
Balls enter his body. When the #4 Ball enters his forehead, Gokuu
disappears. Shenlon coils up, and flies at the camera. The screen
turns white.

It is now 100 years in the future, and the latest Tenka-ichi Budoukai
is about to start. A perky, young, punky announcer works the crowd,
telling them to look at the ragged boy standing in the middle of the
stage. The announcer points at the two big statues near by — one is of
the Budoukai’s greatest fighter: Son Gokuu; the other is of the
legendary Mr. Satan. The announcer yells out that Gokuu, Jr. is the
great-great-great grandson of both heroes. Pakku is stunned at learning
of Gokuu, Jr.’s blood line, and Pan brags that she herself is the
granddaughter of both heroes.
Gokuu, Jr. repeats “I will win” to himself, when a young Vejiita
comes out to start the first round. Pan wonders about this, and a young
woman sits down beside her, making fun of Gokuu, Jr.’s chances. The
woman’s wrist phone rings — and it turns out that this is the latest head
of Capsule Corp. (she looks like a 20-year old Bulma, but her name is not
given.) Pan understands why the other boy looks like Vejiita (he is
from Vejiita’s bloodline.) (Apparently, Chi Chi’s family and Bulma’s
family stopped talking long ago, and they’d dropped out of touch. Pan
didn’t know that Trunks had had any children to continue the heritage.)
Pan looks forward to an interesting confrontation, and she shouts out for
Gokuu, Jr. to fight full out.
The round starts, and the audience is stunned to see both children
flying around, fighting like mad. The boys take a break, and Vejiita,
Jr. is amused that Gokuu, Jr. is the first person ever to make him fight
at full power. Vejiita, Jr. goes SSJ. Gokuu, Jr. says the same thing
back, and goes SSJ as well. Vejiita, Jr. comments that the other boy can
make his hair turn yellow, too, and they fight more. Pan, Pakku, and
the other kids cheer for Gokuu, Jr., then suddenly, Pan notices an adult
Gokuu, Sr. happily watching on from the other side of the stadium. Pan
tries to reach him, but loses her grandfather in the crowd. Gokuu, Sr.
walks away, and the opening theme song starts playing.