Dragon Ball GT Episode 63

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Dragonball GT Episode 63
(Aired 11/12/97)

Kiseki no Gyakuten Shouri!! Uchuu o Sukutta Gokuu
The Miracle Turnaround Victory!! Gokuu Pleads with the Galaxy for Help

Ii wants them to hurry up and decide who will die first. Vejiita
wants to try to Fuse and then go SSJ4, but Gokuu tells him that because
of their size differences, they can’t do the pose correctly. Ii
complains of the inconvenience of having to kill them both together, and
happily bashes them around. Gokuu asks Vejiita if he had been able to
track that last attack, and the Prince hadn’t. Ii creates a Power Ball
just big enough to destroy Earth, saying that because of their power
down, Gokuu and Vejiita no longer have a chance of defeating it. Gokuu
notices that Ii is serious now, and Satan realizes that it is all over
for them.
Ii launches the Power Ball, Vejiita prepares to counterattack, and
Gokuu yells about the danger and pushes Vejiita out of the way. The boy
uses his plus energy to protect his hands from the Power Ball, to keep it
from destroying Earth. There is a test of wills, as Ii makes the Power
Ball bigger and pushes harder against Gokuu. The boy sinks into the
ground under the weight. Gokuu fights valiantly as the spectators call
out his name. The boy uses his friends and family as a reason to keep
the Earth from being destroyed. But, Ii makes the Power Ball bigger,
and it explodes. The resulting crater is HUGE, and Gokuu is no where to
be seen.
Ii comments that the boy had sacrificed himself by making the Power
Ball blow up in such a way as to protect the planet. Pan cries out
“grandpa”, and pounds the ground with her fists. Ii laughs that Gokuu
had sacrificed himself needlessly, and sends its minus energy out across
the skies. Soon, evil-looking storms break out, tidal waves pound the
coasts, and lightning destroys buildings and sets other cities ablaze.
Vejiita gets angry, saying that Planet Vejiita had been destroyed by
Freeza, and now the same is going to happen to Earth? He tells Trunks
to take the others to a safe place, while he goes to try to take out
Ii-shinlon. He flies to the evil dragon. The dragon is surprised that
Vejiita is still alive, and he replies that such a wimpy attack can’t
hurt him. He prepares to fight again.

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Trunks silently tells his mother “goodbye” and flies after his
father. Pan notices this, and Gohan gives Satan to her. Videl gets
Bulma, and Uubu gets Chi Chi. Chi Chi tells Goten to fight bravely,
reminding him that he is the child of Gokuu. Gohan and Goten fly after
Trunks. The others continue flying away. The destruction of the planet
continues, and the old dog Mayor (from DBZ) is on TV to calm people
down. The TV goes blank, and then another announcer comes on to yell
that the Mayor’s tower has just exploded. There is panic everywhere.
Then, this city also explodes. Lying at the bottom of his crater, Gokuu
silently pleads for everyone to lend him their energy in order to make a
Genki Dama.
Vejiita is losing, then is evilly happy when Trunks, Goten, and Gohan
show up to help out. They all go SSJ and get beaten up more. Vejiita
tries to attack Ii from behind, but the dragon makes its spikes grow
longer. Vejiita gets impaled, and Ii zaps him with “Dragon’s Thunder”.
Vejiita sees the others lying on the ground, and asks the spirit of
Kakarot to help him in battle. He attacks yet again, and gets kicked to
the edge of Gokuu’s crater.
Vejiita starts laughing. Ii says that he will be buried in the same
grave as Gokuu. Vejiita keeps laughing, and claims that Ii has lost.
He passes out. Behind him, Gokuu rises from the crater, with a big
Genki Dama above his head. Ii is shocked that Gokuu is still alive, and
the boy gloats back at it. The surviving Earthlings happily donate
their energy, and the Genki Dama’s positive energy causes all of the
minus energy to retreat from the sky. Ii tries to shoot the boy with
its energy bullets, but they explode harmlessly around him.
Gokuu telepaths to Kaiou-sama. The world king congratulates the boy
on making the wise choice of using his Genki attack. But Gokuu cuts him
off, saying that he’s taken all of the life energy on Earth, and it’s
not enough. He wants Kaiou-sama to use telepathy to allow Gokuu to
plead with all life-forms across the galaxy to help him out. Kaiou-sama
is dubious, but tries anyway (with the aid of the other three Kaiou’s.)
Gokuu asks people to give their life energy to him, and they do.
Everyone on New Namek raises their hands.
The Para Brothers use a stupid dance to make their aerobics class
on planet Ruudo raise their hands.
Don Kia and partners are in jail, but they raises their hands just like
all of the other Immegans do.
The giant on planet Monmaasu raises his hand.
Zuunama is working in a field as a farmer, and the big catfish raises
his hands along with everyone else on planet Kerubo.
Even the people on the hospital planet raise their hands (the alien boy
that Baby had first possessed is still a patient there, and is still in
a wheelchair.)
The life energies come streaming in to Earth, and blast by Pan,
Videl, and Uubu. Pan puts her hands in the streams, and can tell what
planets the energies are from. She senses that her grandfather is still
alive, and they fly back to the crater.
Gokuu thanks everyone for their help. Ii throws a Power Ball at him,
to no effect. The Genki Dama is huge, and Pan says that Gokuu looks
like a god right now. He throws the Genki Dama, while Ii tells him to
wait a second here. The Ball destroys the dragon, creates a big gorge
across the land, and flies into space to explode.
The others call out to Gokuu, and run up to him. The boy is lying
limply on the ground and does not react when Pan shakes him. The Dragon
Balls are restored to normal, and suddenly, Shenlon appears without
having been summomed. Bulma comments that something is wrong here,
while the narrator tells us that something is strange about Shenlon.
The narrator asks what it is that is about to happen next.