Dragon Ball GT Episode 62

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Dragonball GT Episode 62
(Aired 11/05/97)

Gokuu o Sukue!! Saigo no Mikata Toujou
To the Rescue!! Gokuu’s Final Assistant Appears

Ii-shinlon pauses, and Satan asks the others if they’ve just seen the #4
Dragon Ball protrude from Gokuu’s forehead. The boy asks why Ii isn’t
attacking him, Chi Chi thinks that things can’t get much worse, and
Vejiita is afraid that Gokuu has also turned into an evil dragon. Pan
has to point out to him that there’s a big lump on his forehead. Gokuu
panics, running around and demanding to know why this is happening to
him. Then again, it’s no big deal, and the boy wants to keep fighting.
Ii is amused that Gokuu is full of surprises right up to the end. But,
this is the end now, and the dragon throws an energy ball at the boy.
The Dragon Ball leaves Gokuu’s body, Suu-shinlon appears and tells Ii
to wait, and the #4 dragon easily bats the energy ball away. Gokuu is
pleased to see the fire dragon again, but Suu wants to kill Gokuu itself.
Ii says that it won’t interfere in this. Gokuu wants to know why Suu is
joining up with the dragon that had shot it in the back just recently.
Ii explains that when the #4 Ball had been in its control,
Suu had been turned into Ii’s minion. Suu agrees that this is what has
happened, and that it will defeat Gokuu itself. Vejiita claims that Suu
is just another villian with an un-understandable motive, and attacks.
Suu smashes the Prince into the ground, and Gokuu yells out for Vejiita
to be careful because Suu is even faster than Gokuu is. Vejiita yells
back that he’s already figured that out. Suu out-maneuvers Vejiita,
says “die”, and blasts the Prince pointblank. The resulting fire ball
melts buildings, and knocks Trunks and friends down into the street.
When the smoke clears, the spectators crawl up, Gokuu’s ears hurt, and
Vejiita is lying motionless. Trunks flies to his father, but Ii blocks
his path. Ii tells Suu to kill Gokuu, then sits down to watch what it
expects to be a fast, boring fight. However, Ii gets impatient because things
are taking too long. Trunks reaches his father, and is surprised to
hear that Vejiita thinks that Suu is pulling its punches, and not
fighting full-out. Ii orders Suu to wipe out Gokuu right now, and while
Suu plans on doing that, Ii is going to go first. Suu and Gokuu both
fire at Ii, and Suu moves in to grab Ii from behind.
Ii asks how Suu could have shaken off its control, and Suu, Pan and
Trunks combine to explain that the reason Gokuu had swallowed the #4
Dragon Ball was in order to use his Plus Energy to cleanse the Ball of
Ii’s Minus Energy. Then, Suu uses what sounds like “Burning Sphere” to
create a huge fireball that engulfs Suu and Ii, before rising into the

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Inside the fireball, Suu tells Ii that there’s no way to escape, and
it lets Ii go. Ii gets encased in red crystal. Suu states that it can
not forgive Ii for shooting it in the back, which is why Ii is going to
die now. Ii prepares an energy ball, and Suu says that if there is an
explosion inside the burning sphere, it’ll trigger a bigger blast that
will kill Ii instantly. Ii breaks free of the red crystal, but can’t
bring itself to shoot. Suu continues, saying that Ii prefers to shoot
its victims in the back, and turns around. Ii still can’t attack, so
Suu plans to finish off the coward with its own energy attack. Ii asks
if this will trigger the fireball and kill Suu as well. The #4 dragon
calls Ii an idiot, adding that Suu isn’t going to be hurt by its own
technique. Gokuu yells for Suu to stop, and not risk itself this way.
The fireball explodes, creating a second sun on Earth’s horizon, and
shakes up the city. Later, a small ball of fire sets down; Vejiita thinks
that it’s Ii-shinlon, still alive, while Gokuu runs up to greet
Suu-shinlon. Suu apologizes and starts to break up. Ii steps out of
Suu’s skin, and because everything is over now, explains that it had
realized that Suu’s body would be safe from the fireball. So, Ii had
sent the evil Dragon Balls forward to enter Suu’s body, and then allowed
Ii’s old body to destruct. Ii now has all 7 Dragon Balls again, and has
returned to Super Ii-shinlon mode.
Gokuu won’t allow Ii to get away with taking over Suu’s body like
that, and Ii asks the boy what he is going to do about it. Gokuu flies
in to attack, and is easily punched away. Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha. Ii
asks if he still thinks that technique will have an effect on it, and
uses millions of energy bullets in return. Vejiita flies to rescue
Gokuu, while Ii is pleased that its ultimate form is so perfect. Ii
likens itself to a god of death that will soon sweep the galaxy.
Dai Kaiou-shin says that it’s all over now. Kaiou-bit asks what will
happen if the heroes lose, and the coot yells that Kaiou-bit is a
Kaiou-shin, and should already know the answer. The minus energy will
cover the Earth, killing everything. Earth will explode, sending the
minus energy out to space, where all of the other planets will suffer
the same fate. The Kaiou planet will be destroyed as well, so Kaiou-bit
says that they’d better escape now while they can. He is joking, but
the old coot claims that this is not a time for levity.
Ii is about to attack again, and Vejiita powers up; only to fall out
of SSJ4 mode. He yells for Bulma to use the Brute Ray on him again, and his
wife apologizes that her machine has been destroyed. Gokuu thinks that
Vejiita should now be able to go to SSJ4 whenever he wants to, having
been at that level once already. Vejiita shouts that Gokuu is a special
case, and that he himself can’t go SSJ4 on his own. Ii asks them to
decide which one of them should die first. Gokuu complains of not
having enough energy, and Vejiita tells him to shut up. The narrator
comments on these events, and asks Gokuu what the boy is going to do now
that Vejiita can’t go SSJ4.