Dragon Ball GT Episode 61

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Dragonball GT Episode 61
(Aired 10/29/97)

Zettai Katsu zo! Suushichuu o kuuta Gokuu
I WILL Win!! Gokuu Swallows the #4 Dragon Ball (Suushichuu)

Ii makes fun of the two heroes for having failed to defeat it,
calling them idiots. Vejiita gets into a name-calling match with Gokuu,
claiming that the screw-up is all Gokuu’s fault. Vejiita really prefers
not having to do the Fusion dance again, because it looks so silly. Ii
interrupts them, saying that they’ve had their chance, now it’s going to
finish them off. Gokuu yells out to Vejiita to Fuse with him, but Ii
beats them up instead.
Ii knocks the #4 Dragon Ball free, and plans to eat it in order to
power up and then kill them all with one Power Ball. Gokuu grabs the #4
Ball back, commenting on the close call. He decides that if Ii can
swallow the Dragon Balls, then so can he. Everyone is stunned at this,
and Gokuu goes into spasms. Eventually, he forces the Dragon Ball down
his throat, but it was definitely a painful process.
The dragon isn’t impressed by this, and asks if they really think
that preventing it from being able to use Power Ball is going to keep
them alive for that much longer. The dragon easily kicks the two
fighters into a building. With the rubble shielding them, Gokuu wants
to do Fusion, but Vejiita is busy holding the building up on his back.
Ii realizes its mistake, and hurriedly blows the rubble to dust. Gokuu
berates the dragon for not giving them a fair chance, and Ii replies
that as long as they can’t Fuse, they’re just helpless garbage. Ii beats
them up more. Gokuu and Vejiita realize that they don’t have a chance
against Ii while they are in SSJ4, so they try to Fuse while Ii watches
on (Vejiita makes Gokuu promise that this will be the last time.) They
are about to complete the dance, and because they are so close together,
it is easy for Ii to zip in and smash them both up at the same time.
Gokuu says that Ii is really strong. When he first turned into Super
Gojiita, he’d felt really strong and happy, and had let himself play
around instead of killing Ii right away. Ii is about to send Gokuu to
hell, when Vejiita hits it in the back of the head with a boulder.
Vejiita and Gokuu then spend more time trying to distract Ii long enough
to be able to Fuse; and keep failing.
Goten wants to try to save his father, and Gohan talks him out of it,
saying that the two elders will have to save themselves on their own
(i.e. – the rest of them don’t stand a chance against Ii.)

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On Kaiou-shin Planet, Kaiou-bit has to destroy Dai Kaiou-shin’s radio
to get the old coot’s attention on the terrible battle taking place on
Earth. But the coot pulls a gag about stretching out first. He says
that there’s nothing they can do to help Gokuu, except for thinking about
how Gokuu can perfect his timing in order to complete the Fusion dance.
Meanwhile, Ii keeps winning, and states that if one of the heroes dies,
then the other can’t complete the Fusion. The dragon first targets
Vejiita, then gets Gokuu in a headlock. Gokuu gets free, but the
fighting continues. Gokuu and Vejiita see that Ii is unscathed, so they
have no choice but to Fuse. Ii announces that when it is done with
them, it will destroy Earth, and then wipe out the galaxy. Gokuu
reminds Vejiita that they are both Saiya-jin warriors, and they attack
again, only to get beaten up more.
Gokuu is about to give up, when his reflections in some broken glass
give him an idea. Ii praises Gokuu for having the power to stand up
again, and the hero tells Vejiita to use Sanzou-ken. The Saiya Prince
catches on, and tells Ii to watch them complete Fusion. They move
forward, and Ii blasts them again. But this time, there’s no bodies
lying around.
Ii keeps attacking after images, not realizing that the two heroes are
moving so fast as to appear to be in more than one place at a time. The
real Vejiita and Gokuu retreat to a distant roof, and they finally get
the Fusion pose finished. But, when the blinding light fades away,
Gokuu and Vejiita are still standing in place, touching fingers. Ii and
Vejiita both ask what went wrong, and Gokuu blames Vejiita for screwing
up by not holding his fingers correctly at the end. Vejiita objects to
this, claiming to have done the stupid dance perfectly. Pan demands to
know what the problem is, and Trunks thinks that maybe Ii had drained
too much of Gokuu’s energy during the fight, and that maybe Gokuu’s
level doesn’t match Vejiita’s anymore.
Ii lets them try again, even though this means that if they succeed,
Gojiita can destroy Ii. They try the dance, and fail a second time. On
top of which, when the light fades away, Gokuu has fallen out of SSJ4
mode and is a young boy again. He laughs embarrassedly at this, while
Ii states that it’s just a matter of time before the same thing happens
to SSJ4 Vejiita. Ii prepares to attack Vejiita, as the Prince backs up.
The narrator comments on these events, and points out that the #4 Dragon
Ball is emerging from the middle of Gokuu’s forehead. Gokuu states that
it’s not going to be that easy to defeat them.