Dragon Ball GT Episode 60

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Dragonball GT Episode 60
(Aired 10/22/97)

Fyuu-jon!! Kyuukyoku no Suupaa Gojiita
Fu–sion!! The Ultimate Super Gojiita

SSJ4 Gokuu and SSJ4 Vejiita try to stare down Super Ii-shinlon, while
the others (Bulma’s and Chi Chi’s families) eagerly anticipate the two
fighters’ using Fusion. Pan tries to get Trunks to explain what
“Fusion” is. Gokuu thinks about this, having forgotten about it as a
possible attack method. Ii flies in to continue fighting, but is
intercepted by Trunks, who really wants to see the two elders Fuse. Ii
grabs Trunks to break his neck, and Bulma shoots her Brute Ray at Ii,
complaining about anyone that would try to hurt her boy. Ii destroys
the Brute Ray car, and Gohan has to rescue Bulma from the explosion.
She yells at the dragon for having messed up her machine. Ii tries to
reach Gokuu and Vejiita again. Trunks flies in pursuit, and Gohan tells
Goten to help slow down Ii to give the other two time to Fuse. Pan
again demands that someone tell her what Fusion is.
Ii easily bats the “annoying flies” out of the air as Gokuu looks on.
Vejiita demands to use Fusion right away, and Gokuu laughs. The
Saiya-jin Prince asks what’s so funny, and Gokuu answers that he’s just
happy that Vejiita has volunteered to Fuse on his own; Vejiita thinks
that this is stupid. Vejiita gets into the pose; Gokuu praises him for
this, and follows suit. Trunks tries to keep Ii busy, but the
“interferring brat” gets knocked away. Gokuu and Vejiita complete the
Fusion dance (which looks really dumb) and the magic begins. A big
yellow ball forms around them, and Ii flies into it, only to be blown
back out.
The light dies down, and a new figure steps forward. He has loose
white pants, black boots, lots of muscles, red fur, and funky red hair.
Ii demands to know who this guy is. Super Gojiita answers (in a
combination of both voice actors) “Neither Gokuu nor Vejiita, I am the
one that will defeat you”, then scowls at the dragon. This tiny twitch
of muscle is enough to smash Ii away. Everyone else is impressed, and
Pan realizes that the two men have combined. Goten corrects her, saying
that they’ve merged. Doesn’t really matter what they call it — the
result is still impressive. Uubu stumbles forward, looking really
bashed up, agreeing that Fusion is great. Uubu desperately wants to
Fuse with Trunks, Goten, or Gohan to continue fighting. But, the others
want to wait until Uubu is healed first.
Ii flies in again, gets near Gojiita, then flies backwards with a
bloody nose. Gojiita offers to slow down his triple punch so that Ii
can see it this time. Ii attacks again, and Gojiita punches the dragon
in the face three times REALLY fast, and kicks Ii in the head. Bulma
and Chi Chi are impressed, and Pan cheers on her grandfather. Ii can’t
believe that this is happening to it, and attacks again. Ii misses, and
smashes into the ground. Gojiita insults the bumbling fool, which makes
Ii angry. The dragon says that a small power up like this is not enough
to defeat it, and starts blasting away with hundreds of its energy
bullets, while yelling “Die, die, die!” But this time, Gojiita just
stands in place, looking serious.

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Gojiita stands in place, and a cloud of debris forms around him. The
cloud fades, and it looks like the hero has been seriously hurt.
Instead, he was just enjoying having his chest scratched. He asks Ii to
do that again to get the itch in his back. Ii tells Gojiita to stop
bluffing, and rushes in, only to get elbowed in the face, and then
smashed into a building.
Gojiita says that it’s time to use his new super abilities, and splits
up. There are now 5 Gojiitas. They say that they are going to fire off
five simultaneous Kamehame-ha’s. Ii braces for the attack, but Gojiita
is just joking around, and pops off some party favor firecrackers
instead. The Gojiitas wag their tongues at Ii, and disappear in a cloud
of smoke. The real Gojiita laughs so hard that he hurts his stomach.
Ii goes into a rage at being toyed with. Gojiita wants the dragon to
get more serious, saying that he can easily beat the dragon with one
finger. Ii demands that the black Dragon Balls give it their powers.
The Balls emit rays of red light that form into a big red energy ball,
that then shrinks into what Ii describes as a “minus energy Power Ball”.
The blackish-red Power Ball is about 5 feet in diameter. Ii says that it
is sending Gojiita to hell, and pushes the Power Ball at him. The Ball
destroys buildings nearby, and the spectators fly away to safety. Uubu
stays his ground, realizing that the Power Ball is strong enough to wipe
out the planet.
Gojiita waits, stands up, powers up, and intercepts the Power Ball.
He kicks it into space, where it explodes. The blast is powerful enough
to attact Kaiou-bit’s attention, way out at Kaiou-shin Planet.
Kaiou-bit is preparing rice for supper, notices the blast via the
crystal ball, and yells for “Gou-sen-sama.” Dai Kaiou-shin arrives,
asking if supper is ready. Kaiou-bit has to stop the old coot from
opening the rice cooker, then tries to get the coot’s attention on the
battle occurring on Earth.
Gojiita explains that when he’d come in contact with the Power Ball,
he’d countered it with his own plus energy. Rather than being a
Matter/Anti-Matter reaction, the result was 0 where the two energies
cancelled each other out.
Next comes Gojiita’s Big Bang Kamehame-ha, which looks like a
blueish-white sphere with a vertical white plane cutting through it.
The BBKHH explodes, and six of the Dragon Balls fall to Earth, returned
back to their normal healthy glow. Pan catches the #4 Ball, and Trunks
thinks that the battle is over. But, Ii pulls itself back together,
having retained the #1 Ball. Looking badly battered, Ii happily claims
that it is still capable of fighting. Gojiita is annoyed, then says
that he’ll only need one more blast to finish Ii completely.
But, as the hero prepares Black Bomb Kamehame-ha, the Fusion wears
off and Gokuu and Vejiita split up. Gokuu wonders what’s wrong, since
they should have had 10 more minutes. Vejiita yells at him, saying that
Fusion is supposed to last longer than 30 minutes. Gokuu laughs
realizing that being in SSJ4 form had caused the lifespan of Fusion to
be shortened. Vejiita yells at him again. Ii says that it’s too bad
that they’d lost their chance, but Gokuu claims that they can still
defeat the weakened dragon in 10 minutes.
Ii asks if he can be so sure of that, and starts summoning the Dragon
Balls to swallow them up again. Gokuu grabs the #4 Ball as it escapes
from Pan’s grasp. Gokuu refuses to let Ii get the one with old Son
Gohan’s spirit in it.