Dragon Ball GT Episode 58

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Dragonball GT Episode 58
(Aired 09/10/97)

Hangeki Kaishi! Chou-saiyajin 4 o koero
Counterattack Returned! SSJ4 is Surpassed

The camera pans over Gokuu’s body, as the SSJ4 wears off and he
returns to boy form. Ii gloats, decides that Gokuu is not worth
bothering with any more, and picks up the boy. Ii drops him, and Gokuu
falls down towards the pirate statue (the statue has a sword held
overhead, and Gokuu is going to be impaled on it) far below. But, at
the last moment, the statue blows up and Goten catches his father. Uubu
apologizes for waiting so long to blow the statue up. Then, Trunks,
Gohan and the others show up as well. Pan runs to her father, but Satan
yells at her to not interfere with them (as a joke). Chi chi, Goten,
and Trunks explain that they have all arrived because if Gokuu loses,
the world will end. So, it’s better for them to be with the hero at this
time. But, they can also tell that none of them can defeat Ii-shinlon,
so they are volunteering their power to bring Gokuu back up to full
strength. (The only people missing are the Vejiita-Bulma clan, and
Ii taunts them, asking if Gokuu is really that good. Gohan says
“yes, Gokuu is the world’s strongest, no, the universe’s #1 strongest
fighter.” The Saiya-jin men all power up around Gokuu, while Uubu puts
himself between them and Ii. Gohan asks his father to save them, and
the Earth. Gokuu replies that he is not Shenlon and can not grant
wishes. He adds that he is going to need all of their power. But, Ii
hates the idea of waiting around, and it zips in to rough Gohan up a
little. The others rush in to save Gohan, and Ii escapes. It claims
that they still don’t understand that they can’t win. The dragon fires
a blast that puts a big crater in the ground, and Ii thinks that it has
killed them all; Ii says that Gokuu is next. But, Gokuu had teleported
his sons and Trunks to safety, where they continue to give him their
power. Gokuu asks to be allowed to be fully restored. He is at full
power now, but he wants to drain the others completely, since 10x’s
Kamehame-ha had no effect on Ii. Gohan complains that Gokuu may burn
out, but he gives in eventually. Ii thinks that all of this is still a
waste of time and moves in for the attack. Uubu prepares for a fight.

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Gokuu looks to be overloading, and his sons want to stop this now.
Gokuu asks for more power. Ii says that their time is up, but Uubu
claims to have first dibs on the dragon. Uubu fires an energy blast
that Ii easily bats away. Ii gives Uubu a single punch, then tosses the
magic one away. But Uubu doesn’t give up that easily — he lands on
Ii’s back and tries to choke it. This fails, and Ii blasts Uubu in the
face — Uubu falls to the ground far below. Ii returns to the task at
hand, asking if Gokuu is done yet. Suddenly, there is a roar, and a big
golden were-monkey snarls at the evil dragon. (This is Gokuu’s ki
manifesting itself.) The boy goes SSJ4, and blows Gohan, Goten, and
Trunks out of the sky. Those three are impressed at the energy level of
an overloaded SSJ4 stage.
Ii-shinlon asks how this is any different from before, and Gokuu
answers “fight me and find out.” Ii rushes in to attack; its punch is
easily blocked, and Gokuu asks “what’s wrong?” He easily evades Ii’s
blows because he can sense the dragon’s energy patterns even without the
use of his eyes. Ii attacks more.
Then, Gokuu destroys part of the city with an energy ball in an
attempt to avenge Suu’s death. He still senses the minus energy from
Ii. However, Ii stops running when it gets to a clock tower. It rips
off the clock face, saying that the disk doesn’t have any energy for
Gokuu to sense. The dragon throws the disk, missing its target. The
man stands in place, laughing, while Ii watches the disk arc back and
bear down on the hero from behind. At the last moment, Ii yells for
Gokuu to be sliced, and Gokuu spins to stop the disk with his bare
hands. Ii is surprised by this. But, Gokuu states that his hearing
works just fine. He says that this one is for Suu-shinlon, throws the
disk and prepares Kamehame-ha. Ii evades the disk, then looks on in
shock as the Kamehame-ha hits it full on.
Ii appears to be dead, and everyone else rejoices. Gokuu smiles.
The others congratulate him when he returns to their midst, and he
thanks them for their help. Trunks asks where the Dragon Balls are, and
Gokuu answers that they are scattered around. Pan finds one, but the
ball bounces away, and into Ii-shinlon’s waiting hand. The dragon is
rather scratched up, and is finished fooling around with them. It
summons all of the Dragon Balls, and swallows them. It tells the heroes
to look at its new, more perfect form, and powers up.
Ii-shinlon is now bulkier, with longer horns, and all 7 Dragon Balls
embedded in its chest. The Balls have been refilled with minus energy
and have turned black again. The narrator asks whether Ii has surpassed
Gokuu, and if Gokuu can’t power up any further.