Dragon Ball GT Episode 57

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Dragonball GT Episode 57
(Aired 09/03/97)

Tsuyosa Attou Teki!! Jaaku Ryuu o shihai suru ryuu
The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon

The city is covered in ice, except where Suu stands in a cloud of
steam. Gokuu claims to be amused by the display. San states that it is
not going to be defeated, and will give Gokuu to the count of 5 to
attack it as he desires. Gokuu roughs up San, and finishes by building
up Kamehame-ha. But with the count of 5, San stands up holding Pan by
the leg. The dragon throws Pan at Gokuu, not needing a hostage anymore
because it will win now. San bats Gokuu into another building. San
then commences to stomp on Gokuu’s back as he protects Pan. Eventually,
Gokuu grabs San’s ankle and subdues the dragon. He is pissed that San
had almost caused him to blast Pan with Kamehame-ha. He throws San into
a building, softly sets Pan on the ground, and then prepares Kamehame-ha
again to finish off the cowardly dragon. But, San flies up behind its
brother and disappears.
San reappears and encases Gokuu in solid ice. Suu complains about
this, and San tell its little brother to get out of the way so that it
can use its ice cannon. San’s arm turns into a gun barrel, with the
Dragon Ball as the energy source. San fires away, as Gokuu breaks free
of the ice and shoots off the Kamehame-ha. The ice beam is destroyed,
and Gokuu tells the frightened dragon that using the same attack on him
twice will never work; he’d created a barrier this time to protect him
from the ice. Gokuu says that San has lost, and the dragon begs for its
life, not wanting to die just yet. Suu is disgusted at its older
brother’s behavior.
Sam begs for Suu to save it, and Suu asks Gokuu to relent. Gokuu
agrees, for Suu’s sake, as long as San hands over its Dragon Ball, goes
away to somewhere distant, and never comes back. Instead, San touches
the icy ground with its hand, and creates super-sharp fingernails to
slice Gokuu in the eyes (behind him, another building is cut in two and
collapses.) San calls Gokuu an idiot for thinking that it would hand
over the Dragon Ball so easily. Suu complains, and San says that all is
fair as long as it wins.
San attacks with the ice blades, thinking that Gokuu’s power has been
lessened. Gokuu senses the dragon’s energy and punches it in the
stomach. Gokuu’s face gets cut up, but his fist has gone through San’s
body. He follows it up with Ryuu-ken (an attack first used in the #13
DBZ movie) and a fiery dragon bursts through San’s body and races across
the city. San melts, as does the ice on all of the buildings. The #3
Ball returns to normal.

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Suu picks up the #3 Ball, and says “big brother”. Gokuu tries to
wash his eyes off, but fails to make them better. Suu drops a flask in
Gokuu’s hand, saying that it is eye medicine. The red-hot dragon
commands its enemy to use the medicine quickly so that they can get
started in their contest again. Gokuu comments on the dragon’s sense of
fairness, and it jokes that this is a sign of weakness. They laugh
until a white hand fires off a blast from somewhere in the city. The
flask shatters, and Suu falls face down on the street. A bone white
dragon (looking like Suu and San, only heavier, with spikes on its face,
and catfish-like whiskers) steps forward. The newcomer says that it
won’t lose. Suu recognizes Ii-Shinlon (#1 evil dragon) as Ii fires a
shot at Gokuu. Suu takes the blast in the back as it protects Gokuu.
Suu dies, and the #4 Ball returns to normal.
Gokuu gets pissed and powers up. His eyes are only partially
working. He declares that he will not allow the newcomer to get away
so easily for killing one of its own kind. But, Ii blames Gokuu for its
own existence (brought on by the wish to have Earth restored after the
battle with True Buu.) Gokuu says that he wasn’t the one that made that
wish, but it doesn’t matter — he vows to defeat Ii right now. Ii
doesn’t think that it can be defeated, and powers up a little bit to
kill Gokuu. Part of the city gets leveled, and Ii apologizes for
underestimating its own strength. Ii kicks Gokuu through more
buildings, then bashes him up hard.
Gokuu flies into a ferris wheel in a distant amusement park, and the
wheel goes rolling down a street until coming to rest against a roller
coaster. Gokuu’s body lands limply on the steel girders. Ii asks
what’s wrong, and Gokuu comments on Ii’s great power. The dragon wants
to end things, and shoots a beam from its finger tip. Gokuu escapes and
tries to run away on the coaster rails. Ii keeps shooting, and Gokuu
seems to be in great trouble. He uses a coaster car to get close to Ii
and bodyslams the dragon. Gokuu asks if this really was the end.
Pan stumbles through the rubble, and a wind blows her backpack into
her face. She holds the pack, thinks about the missing Dragon Balls,
starts to cry, then wobbles off to find her grandfather. Ii-shinlon
returns to the battle field, and walks through a kiddie playground (the
building is shaped like a panda’s head) looking for Gokuu. The hero
waits for his chance, then fires off 10x’s Kamehame-ha. The attack
rocks the panda-shaped building, but Ii stands in place, unharmed. Ii
states that Gokuu’s strongest attack is not good enough to win against
it, then shoots off its own blasts that chase Gokuu across the sky.
Gokuu gets blown into a sky tower, and finally hangs with a steel beam
impaling his leg. Ii-shinlon grins evilly. Pan stumbles nearby, sees
her grandfather, and tearfully pleads for her family and friends to come
save Gokuu.