Dragon Ball GT Episode 56

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Dragonball GT Episode 56
(Aired 08/20/97)

Taiyou no tsugi wa kokukan! Honou to koori no kyodai ryuu
After the Sun, Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers

Winds whip debris around the deserted city, while Suu and Gokuu face
off in the nearby desert. Some debris gets near Suu, and bursts into
flames by his aura. The two fighters dare each other to attack
full-out, stare at each other grinning, and then suddenly fire off
energy blasts. The force of the ensuing explosion sends vehicles flying
into a skyscraper. They go into a punching match, and Gokuu gets
roughed up a bit, while the skyscraper receives more damage. Then,
Gokuu and Suu get into a Mexican Stand-off, their hand in each other’s
faces, ready to fire another blast.
Gokuu claims that while Suu may be a little stronger, he is the one
with all of the speed. He head butts Suu, and prepares to fire 10x’s
Kamehame-ha. Suu was waiting for this and zips in to twist Gokuu around
— the Kamehame-ha blows up more of the skyscraper. Suu asserts that
Kamehame-ha takes too long to prepare, so Gokuu tries it again while
jumping all around the evil dragon. Suu waits, senses Gokuu’s location,
and blasts the Saiya-jin to the ground before the Kamehame-ha can be
Gokuu disappears into the basement of a ruined building, and Suu
follows. Ahead, Suu sees a glow that it thinks is Gokuu. The dragon
yells out that Gokuu still doesn’t understand the problem with
Kamehame-ha, and fires another blast. The attack destroys a mirror, and
Gokuu, standing right behind Suu, is ready to blow the dragon’s head
off. Suu admits defeat and tells Gokuu to go ahead and kill it.
Instead, Gokuu clasps Suu’s shoulder, and says that he’d thought that
Suu was going to kill Pan when they’d first met. But, Suu had
refrained. Suu asks if it is the kind of person that would kill a girl.
Gokuu suggests that they find a better place to keep fighting.
They fly up into the sky, and cheerfully prepare to attack with
energy balls again. But, an ice blast appears out of nowhere, and
encases Gokuu’s hand in ice, to Gokuu’s shock. Suu recognizes the
attack, and turns to see its older brother standing on a building behind

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Suu asks that its older brother not interfere, while Gokuu tries to
understand how the evil dragons could develop family bonds. San-shinlon
(associated with the #3 Dragon Ball), holds up the backpack containing
the other Dragon Balls. Gokuu demands to know what has happened to Pan,
and San looks down at the girl’s limp body, propped up against a
building below. Gokuu flies down to his granddaughter. She is
conscious but badly injured. She collapses, apologizes for losing the
Dragon Balls, and passes out. Gokuu tries to get Pan to stay awake,
then confronts San. The ice-blue one gives the backpack to Suu, and
then flies to face-off against Gokuu. Suu gets in the way, claiming
that this is its fight. But, San is tired of watching them screw
around, and zips past Suu to blast Gokuu in the chest with an ice beam.
San berates his little brother, saying that this is not a case of
fighting for fighting’s sake — when you have a job to do, do it and get
it over with. San’s next blast sends Pan bouncing away. Gokuu gets
preoccupied, and San freezes Gokuu’s other arm.
San then pounds Gokuu, politely asking what’s wrong. As San laughs,
Gokuu kicks it in the mouth, reminding it that fighting isn’t only
conducted with one’s hands. He proceeds to kick the dragon around. Suu
states that those feets are annoying, and then encases both of Gokuu’s
legs in ice. Gokuu curses, and San continues, freezing his stomach,
chest, and then head in solid ice. Gokuu becomes a statue. Suu-shinlon
growls, as San rubs its nose in its failure to defeat Gokuu on its own.
Gokuu thinks to himself that this is really bad, since his SSJ4 powers
can’t help him now. San tells Suu to redeem itself by smashing the
frozen Gokuu.
Suu refuses, saying that it would have won if its older brother
hadn’t interferred. San objects to such “childish blathering”, and
starts beating up Suu to teach it a lesson. Suu is told again to behave
properly and kill Gokuu as ordered. Suu says “understood”, and begins
gathering power. Suu creates a small sun, and prepares to launch it at
the ice statue. But, Suu remembers the fight it just had, and Gokuu’s
claim to be faster than it. San tells Suu to do it, and Suu throws the
fire ball at Gokuu. The statue is turned into a towering pillar of
flame, and San cackles. Until Gokuu steps forward out of the fire.
San turns to Suu and says “I told you to kill him.” Suu just stares
back sullenly (its fire ball was obviously intended to just melt the
ice.) Gokuu extends the challenge to San to fight full out (while
stretching the kinks out of his muscles). Pissed off, San powers up,
and covers the entire city in ice. Gokuu slips, falls, and hurts his
head. He then prepares to have some fun.