Dragon Ball GT Episode 55

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Dragonball GT Episode 55
(Aired 08/13/97)

Buruma ugoku! Bejiita Kaizou keikaku
Bulma Begins Working on Vejiita’s Makeover Plan!

[Note: This episode is largely a mishmash of recycled footage from
previous DBZ and DBGT episodes. The idea is to just explain
how Vejiita feels about being defeated by Gokuu so often, and
to introduce the possibility of Vejiita turning SSJ4 at a
later date.]

SSJ4 Gokuu and Suu-Shinlon power up, and the resulting explosion
spreads over the city. At Capsule Corp., Vejiita tries to fly off to
join the battle, while Bulma tells him to wait and listen to her.
There’s an explosion in the city, and the scene cuts to Vejiita doing
strength training in the gravity room. He powers up and destroys the
machine, complaining about how Gokuu always bests him. He collapses on
the ground. In a flashback, Vejiita remembers when he and Kakarot first
fought. Vejiita had thought then that he was better than Gokuu, but the
hero had used Kaiou-ken techniques to rough him up. Eventually, Vejiita
gets defeated by Kaiou-ken Kamehame-ha. To add to the insult, Gokuu had
enjoyed the battle so much that he pleaded with Kururin to keep the runt
from killing Vejiita at the very end. Vejiita had been floored by the
fact that the Prince of the Saiya-jin could be defeated by anyone. From
that point on, Gokuu kept out-doing him.
First, in the fight against Freeza, when Vejiita was dying at
Freeza’s hand, he’d demanded that Gokuu become a Super Saiya-jin in
order to defeat Freeza (with Kuririn’s death immediately following,
Gokuu did go SSJ.) Later, after the arrival of cyborg Freeza and King
Cold on Earth, Vejiita told Gokuu to never forget that Vejiita will
always be #1. Back in the gravity room, Vejiita remembers those words,
and powers up to blow the door off its hinges. Meanwhile, Bulma is
working on her computer, on Vejiita’s behalf.

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In the shower, Vejiita comtemplates how he’d obsessed over trying to
defeat Gokuu, even going so far as to allow Babi-Di to try to control
him in order to become pure evil. But even then, he wasn’t strong
enough. Although he’d claimed to enjoy the feeling of being evil, at
heart he’d felt compelled to trying a suicide attack against Majin Buu in
order to save his family. And, while waiting in the Other World, he’d
even cheered SSJ3 Gokuu on in the battle against True Buu. At that
time, he’d admitted that Kakarot was indeed #1.
After the shower, Vejiita enters Bulma’s lab, and she tells him that
she’s working on her Brute Ray to enable him to go SSJ4. Vejiita spits
his juice out in shock. Bulma tells her computer to replay the events
during the final battle against Baby (at first, the computer shows a
close up of Bulma, and Vejiita comments on her blood-lust expression.)
The light of the full Earth had turned Gokuu into a were-monkey, but it
was the tears of Pan that had calmed the ape down and allowed him to go
SSJ4. Bulma thinks that her Brute Ray can help Vejiita do the same.
He asks why Vejiita-Baby couldn’t go SSJ4, and Bulma guesses that it
was the android part that had gotten in the way of the transformation.
Bulma assures him that he can now go SSJ4 with her help, and he
evilly looks forward to confronting Kakarot on even terms. Bulma is
amused, knowing that combat is in the blood of the Saiya-jin. But then,
she is also the wife of a Saiya-jin, and her knowing smile makes Vejiita
The narrator comments on these events, then reminds us of the battle
against Suu-shinlon.