Dragon Ball GT Episode 54

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Dragonball GT Episode 54
(Aired 08/06/97)

Sesshi Rokusen-do no pawaa! Taiyou no Senshi
6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Fighter of the Sun

Gokuu, Pan and Gill have left the last city, and travelled across the
desert to the ruins of another city. Gill keeps saying that the next
Dragon Ball is nearby, angering Pan because the robot hasn’t yet pointed
out exactly WHERE the Ball is. Pan thinks that Gill may be broken, and
Gill claims that the Ball really is close to them. Gokuu complains that
he is starving again. Pan is more concerned with the excessive heat.
She asks her grandfather if he’s noticed anything strange about the Sun.
Soon, the Sun gets bigger, and Pan yells out a warning to Gokuu. A red
figure plummets from the sky and blows up the bus that Gokuu is on (he’s
still trying to find the Dragon Ball.)
The boy recovers and asks if this is one of the evil dragons. The
figure is glowing deep red, then turns to its normal red clay-like
gargoyle self. It introduces itself as “Suu-Shinlon”, adding that it
has been waiting for Son Gokuu. Our hero asks if Suu-Shinlon came from
the #4 Dragon Ball, and it chuckles as it partly exudes the #4 Ball from
its right palm. Gokuu demands that the Ball be returned, since it has
his grandfather’s soul in it. Suu laughs, and says that Gokuu will get
the Ball only by defeating it. Pan thinks that Suu will be an easy
match, being maybe only half of her strength. Gokuu yells for Pan to
stop, because Suu’s appearance is different from the previous evil
dragons that they’d faced.
Pan tells Gokuu to relax and attacks. She is quickly KO’d. Gokuu
prepares to fly in to protect her, but Suu tosses the girl’s limp body
away, saying that she will just be sleeping for a while. Suu is a very
fair fighter, and dislikes having anyone interrupt its combats. It wants
a “survival match” with Gokuu, and the boy is amused. Gokuu agrees,
although he can tell that Suu has some kind of strange energy. The two
of them stand on the street preparing to fight. Gokuu asks where Suu’s
minus energy came from, and Suu says that it was the wish that Dai Maoh
Piccolo had used to return to full power. Suu blasts a statue from a
neighboring roof. The statue hits the ground and the two of them
attack. Soon, Suu’s body heats up. Gokuu gets in a near-miss punch,
and then runs away with his fist on fire. Suu explains that its body
can reach the temperature of the Sun — 6000 degrees Celsius. Gokuu
thinks about this, then discovers that Suu has disappeared.
Suu went airborne and is hiding in the path of the Sun. It starts
blasting away with fireballs, and Gokuu scrambles madly to avoid getting
hit (funny scene.) The boy crashes into a hotel lobby, and Suu follows,
melting its way through a wall (it walks like a heavy giant robot.)
Gokuu is hiding in the chandelier, and he complains to himself of Suu’s
great heat — talking outloud and giving himself away. A game of cat
and mouse ensues, with Gokuu finally succumbing to exhaustion caused by
great hunger. He tries thinking to himself, and again Suu finds him.
The dragon punches, stopping its fist in front of the boy’s nose in
order to heat up again. Gokuu’s face gets seared and he runs away,
trying to think of some way of fighting back.

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Gokuu runs around the hotel, only to discover Suu waiting for him at
every turn. (Suu is looking bored now.) Eventually, Gokuu attacks with
Kamehame-ha, and congratulates himself on his quick thinking. But, Suu
retaliates by firing off hundreds of fireballs effortlessly.
Meanwhile, Gill is getting ready to help Pan, when suddenly ice
springs up around them. Gill gets kicked away, and it repeats “Pan”
“Danger” until it stops functioning. An ice-blue version of Suu looks
down at Pan and seems to think that she may be useful.
Gokuu discovers the sewers outside, below the street, and he pops up
from the manholes to fire off blasts that bash Suu around a bit.
Finally, Gokuu surfaces from a manhole directly underneath Suu, and
can’t tell where the dragon has gone. Suu sets down and melts the
manhole cover on the boy’s head. Gokuu screams and lands in the sewer
water below. He comments on not being able to sense Suu’s ki, then runs
away as it follows him into the sewer. Gokuu reaches a deadend (not
wanting to run through the blades of the big fan that is blocking the
way.) He tries to find another way out, then gathers his wits, zips
past the blades, bounces out of the sewer and lands on his head outside.
Suu melts its way out through the wall and tells the boy that he’s
slipped up. Suu creates a lens, and focusses its sunlight into a heat
ray. Gokuu evades the beam and finally understands in which way Suu’s
energy is different — it is concentrated sunlight. Gokuu gets grazed
by the heat ray, and he falls to the ground. Suu thinks that the boy
can’t escape anymore and attacks again. Gokuu was waiting for this, and
he uses Taiyou-ken (Sunlight Attack) — which is magnified by Suu’s lens.
Suu goes flying backwards.
Gokuu realizes that Suu has been holding back. The dragon laughs,
and powers up. Its skin cracks off, revealing a golden version of the
same creature — its true form. So Gokuu goes SSJ4. They prepare for
round two.