Dragon Ball GT Episode 53

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Dragonball GT Episode 53
(Aired 07/16/97)

Pan ga shoumetsu!? Namida no 10-bai Kamehameha
Pan Dies!? The Tears of 10x’s Kamehame-ha

Chii keeps attacking Gokuu, and the boy keeps evading. The battle
results in the partial destruction of the city, and the people run
around screaming a lot. Chii asks why Gokuu isn’t fighting back, and
laughs. Chii is wearing Pan’s headband on one horn (inside it, Pan
pleads for Gokuu to save her.) Gokuu wonders if Chii has access to
Pan’s powers, then watches as the dragon uses Kamekame-ha to destroy
more of the city. Chii switches to Pan’s multiple burst energy blast,
but instead of hitting Gokuu, Chii keeps blowing up buildings. It asks
“what’s wrong? Don’t you still want the Dragon Ball located in my
forehead?” In the city, a young girl cries for her mother, and
buildings burn everywhere. Pan yells out for Gokuu to forget about her
and to fight back in order to save everyone else. Chii laughs and
keeps blasting away.
Gokuu can’t take this anymore, and powers up to SSJ4. Chii is
surprised, but is still sure that Gokuu can’t lift a finger against it.
Gokuu kicks Chii in the face and sends it crashing into a building.
Chii is also shocked at Gokuu’s power up, and he has to explain SSJ4 to
the dragon. Chii gets roughed up a little, as does Pan. Pan cheers her
grandfather on for doing the right thing. Chii thinks that it is still
more powerful than Gokuu, but all of its attacks get countered.
Gokuu prepares a Kamehame-ha; Chii panics and asks what will happen
to Pan. Gokuu switches attacks and kicks Chii in the head again. Chii
laughs, saying that Gokuu really isn’t trying to fight full-out. Gokuu
questions that, and Chii asks why Gokuu doesn’t use 10x’s Kamehame-ha
to kill Chii right here and now. The answer is because Gokuu can’t kill
his own granddaughter. Gokuu’s reaction bears this out.
Chii demands that Gokuu use 10x’s Kamehame-ha, and Pan yells out for
him to attack as well. Gokuu remembers when he and Pan had played
together at the beach, and when Pan had gotten one of the Ultimate
Dragon Balls. He can’t push himself yet, and Pan says that she hates
this indecision. Gokuu replies that he understands, and starts up 10x’s
Kamehame-ha. Chii isn’t convinced that Gokuu is serious yet, and he
taunts the Saiya-jin until it looks like Gokuu will fire it off after
Chii starts to panic again, and the blast hits it. Pan’s tears flow
as she says “sayonara, everyone.”

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Gohan returns home, carrying containers of water that they need now
that the water works has been destroyed. Videl thanks him, and pours
tea for both of them. They look at a picture of Pan, and Videl worries
whether her daughter is ok. Gohan jokes that Pan is probably more of a
handful than Gokuu can handle. Videl agrees, but they both still look
The city glows red, then the Kamehame-ha fades out. Gokuu drops down
to a street, panting heavily. He thinks that Pan is dead, then suddenly
notices that she isn’t. Pan notices this too, and demands to know why.
Chii answers that Gokuu really can’t hurt Pan, and had unconsciously
pulled his blast. Otherwise, why is Chii still alive? (Chii is pretty
tattered, though.) Gokuu seems to agree with the dragon, but still
tries to continue fighting. Chii replies that Gokuu has lost now, and
bats the Saiya-jin away. Gokuu gets smashed through a building, and
then slashed by Chii’s claws. The dragon hits him with a Kamehame-ha.
Gokuu collapses onto some rubble, and admits that Chii-Shinlon is
correct. The dragon says that not wanting to hurt a loved one is a flaw
that all humans have, and gets closer to taunt its enemy. To rub
Gokuu’s nose in the fact that he’s been defeated even further, Chii
allows Pan’s upper torso to extrude from its chest so that Gokuu can
watch her crying to him to not give up. Gokuu just closes his eyes and
apparently passes out. Pan claims that this behavior proves that he is
not her grandfather after all. Gokuu simply lies there, so Chii pulls
Pan back into its body in preparation for killing Gokuu. Pan waves her
arms helplessly. Gokuu suddenly snaps awake, says that this is the
moment he was waiting for, and grabs Pan’s hand. She is pulled to
Pan passes out. Chii realizes that it has screwed up, and shrinks
back to its true size and shape — that of a big mole with the Dragon
Ball in the top of its head. Gokuu taunts the mole for not having any
true power of its own. This goes on for a while, with Chii desperately
looking for an escape route. It sees a crow, and tries to reach it to
take over the bird’s body. Gokuu intercepts Chii, and claims that the
mole isn’t worthy of killing. Chii tells Gokuu to shut up and blasts
him in the face. The man is not impressed at all. His first punch (to
the mole’s belly) is payback for what Chii had done to him. The
following flurry of punches is payback for what Chii had done to the
people in the city. The final 10x’s Kamehame-ha is payback for what
Chii had done to Pan.
Chii gets destroyed, and the #7 Dragon Ball returns to normal. Gokuu
catches the Ball. Later, having dropped out of SSJ4 again, Gokuu holds
up the #7 Dragon Ball in front of Pan’s face. He says that this is her
new body. Pan wakes up screaming, says that this joke isn’t funny, and
chases after her grandfather. Gill says that they’ve gotten another
Dragon Ball, and the three of them happily fly towards the sunset as the
Narrator recaps what had just happened. The narrator tells Gokuu to
hurry up and get the remaining three Dragon Balls.