Dragon Ball GT Episode 52

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Dragonball GT Episode 52
(Aired 07/09/97)

Pan abune! Chii-Shinron nottote oki
Pan, Look Out! To be Possessed by Chii-Shinlon

New character:
Chii-Shinlon: Originally, Chii appears as a large, stupid mole that
enjoys digging trenches and causing earthquakes that
destroy cities. In fact, Chii is a dragon ala Shenlon,
with a mole-like nose, and two tails. Chii can absorb
and control other creatures.

(The first few minutes of music is from Chrono Trigger.)
The threesome are flying through the clouds, and Gill says that a
Dragon Ball is below them. But, there’s nothing down there, and Pan
thinks that Gill is mistaken. Gokuu offers to go check anyway, and they
set down. They still don’t see anything, and Gill tells them that they
have to go underground. Suddenly, a strange earthquake hits, knocking
them over. A cloud of dirt approaches them, along with a voice that
chants about having fun chewing up the ground. The heroes fly out
of the way. Eventually, a huge purple mole surfaces.
Gokuu asks it if it is their next enemy, but the mole is preoccupied
with the great trench it has dug. It seems to just be an oversized bug.
But, Gokuu flies next to it and yells to get its attention. The mole
asks who the stranger is, and Gokuu yells back that he is Son Gokuu (the
shouting makes his jaw hurt.) Pan notices the black Dragon Ball in its
forehead and declares that the mole is Chii-Shinlon. Chii asks how they
know its name. Pan gets frustrated at the stupid creature and demands
that it either fight or hand over the Dragon Ball. Chii doesn’t want to
do either.
Chii is only interested in making earthquakes. It claims to be busy
and resumes digging its trench. Pan and Gokuu try to follow, but are
stopped by the mass of rock being flung at them. Gill announces that
the Ball is escaping, and they fly after it. Pan wants Gokuu to do
something, but the boy can’t find the interest to combat Chii. He tries
yelling insults at the mole to make it angry, but it ignores him. Pan
tries firing off hundreds of energy balls in front of Chii, but that
just chews up the ground that much faster. Pan gives up and acts
embarrassed until Gill makes fun of her.
Chii is aiming at a large city in the middle of the desert. Gokuu
speeds up to reach the city first. Pan stuffs Gill in her pack,
apologizes, and pursues Gokuu. Chii is shown happily digging away in
his hole.

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Earthquakes hit the city just as Gokuu and Pan arrive. Pan saves
an old woman from a big globe that falls off a building (the globe says
“Tamagoati”, which may be a reference to the “Tamagochi” craze.) Gokuu
saves a shoolbus filled with children from falling off a collapsed
bridge. Gokuu then has to switch to SSJ4 to prevent an office building
from toppling over (he’s pushing against the glass, indicating that the
building has strong windows.) Part of the street starts to disappear
into a chasm, and Pan asks Gokuu for help, to push the street back up
into place and saving another 50+ people. (Pan is very impressed with
her grandfather.)
Chii comes out of the ground on the other side of the city, eagerly
looking forward to seeing the mass destruction behind it. In the city,
Gokuu comes up from the subway entrance, to meet his happy granddaughter
and the people that he saved. The people run away when the big purple
mole stomps up. Gokuu likes the fact that Chii is angry now. Chii is
really pissed at being thwarted, because making earthquakes and causing
havok is the only way it can have fun. Chii attacks with its claws, and
Pan escapes by smashing into a clothing display window.
SSJ4 Gokuu starts pounding away at Chii’s stomach, sending it
skidding outside of the city. Gokuu is pleased to see that Chii strong
enough to withstand his punches. Chii claims that if it gets serious,
it will be very scary. Pan flies up, sporting a stylish floppy spring
hat, and asks what wish Chii had sprung up from. The dragon answers
that it was the one after Vejiita had been turned evil by Babi-di at the
Tenka-ichi Budoukai. Vejiita had killed lots of people in the stands
and the surrounding city beyond, to make Gokuu fight him. It was the
wish Bulma had made to resurrect those people killed by Vejiita that had
contributed the minus energy to create Chii-Shinlon.
Pan can’t see how that wish would make Chii all that strong, so the
mole shows off by slapping the ground and causing the earth below the
heroes to explode. Gokuu agrees that Chii is strong, and Chii thinks so
as well. However, Pan says that Chii’s attacks aren’t that great,
causing Chii to slam energy into the ground and fountain up into the air
at Gokuu and Pan. The two heroes easily avoid the blasts, making Chii
try harder. They settle down on its head, and Chii shoots a blast into
the ground that surfaces underneath it, and the mole blows itself up.
Gokuu prepares a 10x’s Kamehame-ha, but Chii collapses limply onto
its face. Gokuu loses his concentration and becomes a little boy again.
The #7 Ball flies through the air and Pan catches it. But, the Ball
isn’t sealing up. Instead, a sphere of minus energy pours out, and
slowly sucks Pan into it. Gokuu tries to pull Pan free, and fails. He
is left holding the backpack, and Gill. Pan screams as she is absorbed.
Shadows grow, forming a two-tailed dragon with a mole’s nose. Chii
claims that they’d fallen for its trap. It seems that Chii had
possessed an ordinary mole, making it grow bigger. The apparent
self-killing attack had only killed the mole, and not the true
Chii-Shinlon. And now, Chii has Pan. Pan yells out for help, sounding
like she is in a sewer. Chii claims that the true showdown will start
now, and it attempts to stomp on the boy. It also attacks with both
tails. Gokuu evades the tails as the narrator asks us what Gokuu will
do next. Gokuu prepares to attack back.