Dragon Ball GT Episode 49

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Dragonball GT Episode 49
(Aired 06/18/97)

Saikyou no teki!? Kyoufu no urawaza o tsukau ryuu
The Strongest Enemy!? The Fear of the Underhanded-Trick Using Dragon

Note that this episode was scheduled to be pre-empted by baseball,
according Newtype magazine. But, it aired on the evening of June 18 anyway.

The first part of this episode is played for laughs, and is pretty

Ryan-Shinlon warns Pan and Gokuu that it is really strong and they
should leave now. The two heroes don’t believe it and demand proof, so
Ryan play acts out how scared they’re going to be of it if they don’t go
away. Pan isn’t impressed, and she flies in to slap it away. Pan does
the same play acting back at Ryan (about how scared they are) and asks
for its response. Pan demands the Dragon Ball, and Ryan starts inhaling
lots of air to become much bigger. Gokuu warns Pan to not attack (she is
already doing so, and she bounces off Ryan’s belly) because Ryan may be
one of those enemy that can shape-change to become insanely strong. Pan
waits impatiently. Eventually, Ryan says that it isn’t that kind of
enemy — it can’t hold its breath anymore, and returns to normal size.
Gokuu apologizes for scaring everyone, and Ryan keeps claiming to be
able to get stronger and that he will kill them. Pan demands that
it power up already, and she easily beats up the dragon. Gokuu feels
pity towards it, and wants Pan to lighten up a bit. Pan is pleased with
her perfect fighting, since this is the first time she’s been able to
defeat an enemy, and she asks for the Dragon Ball again. Ryan doesn’t
want to give up, but Gokuu says that it is no stronger than Mr. Satan.
Ryan attacks Pan with its tail, misses, and gets bashed up some more.
Pan asks for Gokuu’s praise, while the boy asks her to calm down.
Ryan stands up again, asking if Pan wants to use the Dragon Balls to
wish to have her body made less ugly. This is the kind of talk that Pan
hates the most — she gives her backpack to Gokuu, goes into a rage, and
beats up Ryan some more. But this time, Ryan lands on its feet, and Pan
is panting heavily. Pan asks for it to give up, Ryan just laughs, and
Gokuu tries to figure out what is going wrong here. Pan attacks again,
Ryan easily blocks her, and Gokuu yells for his granddaughter to hurry
up and finish this.
Pan tells Gokuu to shut up and watch. However, Ryan grabs Pan’s leg,
says that it’s now its turn, and punches the girl hard in the stomach.
Gokuu flies in to attack, and Ryan evades him easily. Ryan grabs both
Pan and Gokuu, spins them around, and rolls them away. It tells them
that they are now witnessing its true strength. Pan angrily flies at the
dragon, gets grabbed from behind, and complains of having no power left.
Gokuu attacks again and is batted away by Ryan’s tail. The dragon
laughs evilly.

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Gokuu complains of the pain, as Ryan prepares to eat Pan. The boy
goes SSJ, runs out of energy, reverts back to normal, and drops to his
knees. Ryan explains Gokuu’s problem as coming from its “really neat”
swamp. Gokuu notices the stench and asks what is happening to the lake.
Ryan answers that its “nice body” is the result of the minus energy from
the pollution. The entire area has been taken over by minus energy,
which has been draining Pan and Gokuu’s power and giving it to Ryan
while they were fighting. Pan objects to this constant mentioning of
minus energy and wants to know what it really is.
Ryan asks Gokuu if he remembers Upa. Back when Tao Pie Pie had
killed Upa’s father — Bora — Gokuu had used the Dragon Balls to wish
Bora back from the dead. The negative energy that had gathered from
that wish had accumulated in the #2 Dragon Ball, ultimately resulting in
Ryan-Shinlon’s coming to life. Ryan completes its speech by rolling Pan
like a bowling ball into Gokuu. Gokuu still doesn’t know why Ryan wants
to defeat him specifically. Ryan states that it’s mainly because he and
Gohan are its biggest threats. But, now, its payback time for making it
look foolish. The dragon uses a mouth blast to blow Gokuu and Pan into
a cliff. They aren’t dead afterwards, so Ryan plans on dumping them into
the swamp to finish them off.
Pan doesn’t want to be thrown into the filthy water, while Gokuu
recognizes the danger the minus energy presents to them. Then, Gill
fires a rocket at the dragon, without damaging it. Ryan knocks Gill
into the swamp with its tail, as Pan yells out to the robot. Ryan tells
the girl to not worry, since she will be joining it soon. Helpless, Pan
is tossed into the lake, followed by Gokuu. Pan sinks to the bottom,
where she settles beside some other bones. She begs for someone — her
parents, Goten or Trunks, or even Mr. Satan — to save her. As she
rebels against turning into another pile of bones, and begins to pass
out, Gill grabs her by the leg and pulls her towards some clean water at
the bottom of the lake.
Pan recovers in the clean water, apparently able to breath and talk
underwater. She coughs out some polluted water, and tells Gill to go
get Gokuu. Up on the surface, Ryan gloats at having won. Gokuu is
rescued and he also coughs out pollution. He asks why the water is clean
here, and Gill points out a crack in the lake bed where clean water is
bubbling up. Pan tells Gokuu to blast at the crack; he doesn’t
understand why he should do this, but he fires away anyhow.
Ryan says that his minus energy pollution will cover the Earth,
turning it into his paradise. Then, a fountain of clean water bursts
from the lake and hits Ryan. Gokuu and Pan appear behind the dragon,
ready to fight back at full power. Ryan panics and flies down to reach
the lake. Gokuu and Pan attack with twin energy blasts. Ryan-Shinlon
is destroyed, the sky clears up, and the black Dragon Ball arcs up into
the sky to land in Gokuu’s hand. The cracks in the Ball seal up and it
returns to its normal golden color. Pan and Gokuu cheer, and the boy
tosses the Ball into the air — it falls into the lake. Pan refuses to
go into the still-dirty lake, and Gokuu objects to having to do it
himself. Then, Gill flies up, holding the #2 Ball. Pan takes the Ball
so that Gokuu won’t drop it again, and the boy pouts. They all
celebrate at having gotten the first Dragon Ball. The narrator asks if
it will be as easy to get the remaining Dragon Balls.