Dragon Ball GT Episode 47

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Dragonball GT Episode 47
(Aired 06/04/97)

Daigyakuten! Gokuu to 18-gou no nidan kougeki sakuretsu
The Big Reversal! Gokuu’s and #18’s 2-Step Attack Explosion

New attacks:
Dengeki Jigoku Dama: #17’s black hole attack. It translates to
“Electrical Attack Hell Ball”. The Jigoku Dama is much more
powerful than Baby’s Revenge Death Ball.

Ryuu Ken Bakuhatsu: Gokuu’s new attack. It translates to “Dragon
Fist Explosion.” This is the same attack that Gokuu had used
in movie #13.

The “rescuers” are flying to Gokuu (Bra and Bulma are in a Capsule
Corp. flyer. Videl is carrying Chi Chi in her arms through the air.)
Chi Chi wakes up, looks down, and panics at being so high up. So Videl
swoops down to the ground, and Chi Chi screams about being too low and
being likely to crash. Bra asks if they really are ready to fight, and
Bulma answers that Videl and Chi Chi are not prone to lying. Bulma sees
the destruction below them and wonders at what is causing all of it.
(Some city is flooded over by the ocean.)
Dr. Myuu says that Gokuu can not punch, or use Kamehame-ha; he has
lost. #17 announces that he is using Dengeki Jigoku Dama, and fires it
at Gokuu. The super monkey yells that he won’t lose, and teleports out.
Gokuu reappears behind Super #17, and grabs the android from behind.
Gokuu says that #17 can’t kick or punch him now, and Myuu calls the
monkey an idiot — Gokuu can’t kick or punch either. Then, Myuu
realizes that Gokuu plans on going full power and blowing himself up.
#17 tries to get away, but can’t.
Gokuu creates an explosion. The shock wave can be felt miles away.
Mr. Satan is tending to the still unconscious Pan, and has to grab her
to keep her from flying away in the strong winds. When the smoke
clears, Gokuu has reverted to a child, and he collapses in the huge
crater he made. Myuu is afraid that 17 has been destroyed, but the
android had used a barrier to protect himself, and had disappeared into
the ocean. Super #17 prepares another Jigoku Dama as Gokuu looks
forward to dying. The boy keeps commenting that #17 is strong.
Then, #18 arrives to get revenge for Kuririn’s death. #18 didn’t
actually die beside her husband, it just looked that way. #18
challenges her twin brother to attack her. This would trigger the bomb
that Dr. Gero had built into her body and kill her; probably it would
trigger #17’s own bomb as well. Gokuu wonders what #18 is talking
about, since Kuririn had asked Shenlon to remove both their bombs long
ago. But, #17 hadn’t been at Kami-sama’s tower at the time, so he
doesn’t know that. Gokuu applauds #18’s bluff. She tells her brother
that for him to kill Gokuu, he’ll have to go through her first.

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#18 taunts #17 to shoot, saying that he doesn’t have the guts to do
it. Dr. Myuu wants to know why his creation is hesitating, and demands
that #17 shoot now and get it over with. Myuu doesn’t care if #17 dies
or not, as long as Gokuu is killed as well. #17 can’t stand Myuu’s
insults anymore, and he uses the Jigoku Dama on Myuu. Myuu dies and
there’s a big hole in the cliff where Myuu had been standing. Super #17
prepares another Jigoku Dama, but he still can’t shoot it at his sister.
#18 doesn’t have the same problem, and she starts shooting energy balls
at her brother. #17 absorbs the blasts. Gokuu yells for #18 to stop,
because this is just preparing #17 for another power up. Then, Gokuu
notices that #17 can’t move while he is absorbing energy. This leaves
him open to anything that Gokuu would like to try. So, the boy yells
for #18 to keep shooting harder. Gokuu teleports in front of #18, and
then flies up in the middle of #18’s blast pattern. #17 is surprised as
Gokuu calls out “Ryuu Ken Bakuhatsu”. A golden dragon appears around
the boy and he punches through #17’s chest. Gokuu then uses Kamehame-ha
on the android. (We get a three-peat; a triple repeat of the blast
hitting #17 in the hole in his chest.) #17 falls apart and dies.
Vejiita helps carry Trunks from the wrecked city, and he notices that
Gokuu has killed Super #17. Standing near the new waterfall, where the
ocean is slowly filling in the latest crater, #18 wonders why her
brother had to kill Kuririn. Gokuu tells her that the evil part of
Super #17 had come from Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. The real #17 was good
enough to prevent Super #17 from shooting her; Super #17 knew that there
wasn’t a bomb inside of him, so the only reason he couldn’t attack #18
was because the real #17 was fighting the evil part. Gokuu tries to get
#18 to agree with him, to help cheer her up, and succeeds.
Then, Videl flies up carrying Bulma, and they demand to know where
the villians are. Gokuu says that he’s won already, and they
congradulate him in embarrassment. Bulma and Bra arrive in the flyer,
and Bulma describes the damage they’d seen in the city, caused by the
evil escapees from Hell. They decide to get the Dragon Balls, and wish
for all of the cities to be restored, and for Kuririn to be wished back
to life.
Pan recovers and is fully healed (she wasn’t dead, just close to it.)
Trunks repairs Gill, and Gokuu, Pan and Trunks use the Dragon Radar to
gather up all of the Dragon Balls. Pan is dismayed that there are
cracks in the Dragon Balls. Soon, all seven DB’s are placed on the
ground in front of Capsule Corp., and the group (Gokuu, Gohan, Goten,
Bulma, Bra, Trunks, Chi Chi, and Pan) wonder if Shenlon is going to be
ok. The Balls all make the characteristic humming sound, but it is a
sick-sounding hum. Gokuu calls for Shenlon to come forth, but nothing
happens. The boy asks if he got the summoning words wrong, and Bulma
comments that since they are not on Namek, the problem isn’t one of
needing to speak in Nameckian. Gokuu tries again, and the skies darken
and red lightning rips the clouds. Earthquakes hit, and the group
realizes that something is wrong. Gokuu senses a great evil power.
Then, dark blue smoke pours from the cracks in the Balls, and an old,
ugly shenlon fills the sky. Gokuu asks who this thing is.