Dragon Ball GT Episode 46

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Dragonball GT Episode 46
(Aired 05/28/97)

Gekitou!! Suupaa Saiyajin 4 VS Suupaa 17-go
Crash!! SSJ4 vs Super #17

Super #17 makes a dramatic pose, standing in front of the sunset.
Satan cries over Pan’s limp form. He can’t accept her being hurt like
this, and demands that Gokuu waste #17. Gokuu gets pissed, goes SSJ,
and punches #17 halfway across the globe. #17 eventually stops flying
and uses Flash Bomber back at Gokuu. Gokuu flies in, punches #17 again.
Then, #17 retaliates. There’s more fighting.
Myuu is pleased with his creation, claiming that Gero had little to
do with making this machine capable of countering all of Gokuu’s battle
tactics. Gokuu says that #17 isn’t that perfect, and blasts away. #17
accepts the attacks, and Gokuu tries Kamehame-ha. #17 keeps absorbing
the energy, but there’s a huge crater where he was standing. #17 fights
back and is REALLY strong now. Gokuu gets smashed into the ocean, and
he tries to figure out if Myuu has successfully programmed #17 to cope
with ALL of his attacks. Myuu demands that Gokuu come out, and he does
— in Super Gokuu 4 form. Myuu is surprised by the change: he
apparently hadn’t programmed #17 for this.
Myuu has never seen SSJ4, so #17 shouldn’t be able to counter him
now. Gokuu is convinced of this, and says that it’s all over for Myuu.

[Commercial Break]

Videl is at home, getting suited up. Chi Chi jumps out of her own
house dressed up in cleaning tools. Chi Chi challenges Bra and Bulma
to go out and help save Gokuu. Videl makes her own appearance, happy
with the way the Great Saiya-man costume feels on her as she goes
through the old poses. She and Chi Chi fly off. Bra is amused by the
two old women, and she tells Bulma to come along with her.
Gokuu blasts away at #17, damaging the planet and adding to the
android’s energy reservoir. Myuu is amused at this since it’s just
speeding up #17’s next power-up. Finally, Gokuu catches on. Myuu is
looking forward to the destruction that’s about to occur, then wonders
where Gokuu has gone to. Gokuu disappeared underground. He causes
pillars of Earth to shoot up. He breaks out of one pillar, shouts “Here
I am!”, and fires off Times 10 Kamehame-ha. #17 barely absorbs all of
it, and looks really rabid.
Gokuu recognizes what’s happening. Myuu brags about his creation.
Gokuu claims that he doesn’t have any other attacks to pull out of the
hat. Myuu orders #17 to kill Gokuu, and they fight more. Gokuu almost
uses Kamehame-ha again, then remembers that #17 will just use the energy
for another power-up. #17 zips in nose-to-nose, says “die”, and blasts
Gokuu in the face. #17 out-flies, out-punches, and out-thinks SSJ4
Gokuu gets smashed into the ground, tries to get up, and then just
flops back down again. He thinks that maybe it would be nice to die
now. He hopes to go to Heaven, because he didn’t care for Hell that
much. #17 creates a black hole between his hands and prepares to shoot
it at Gokuu. The narrator yells at Gokuu to stand up and fight back.