Dragon Ball GT Episode 45

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Dragonball GT Episode 45
(Aired 05/14/97)

Isoge Gokuu!! Jigoku kara no dassutsu daisakusen
Hurry, Gokuu!! The Plan to Escape From Hell

New attack technique:
Flash Bomber: Super #17 can fire off energy blasts from his
fingertips at machine gun speeds.

Gokuu is sceptical that Piccolo can get him back to Earth, and is
then surprised when the demon calls out to Dende. Piccolo claims that
he heard from Kaiou-sama that the two #17’s had been able to link their
powers to make the cosmic bridge between Hell and Earth. Piccolo wants
to perform a similar trick to open up a second bridge. The problem is
that Piccolo and Dende have to “attack” space exactly at the same time
and spot (just as when Pan and Gokuu were trying to destroy Ruudo’s
heart early on in the DBGT series.)
The two Namek will spend the rest of this episode trying to get the
timing right (on the count of three) and failing, while tiring
themselves out. The result will be that the other Dragon Balls will
start to crack. Gokuu doesn’t understand, but this looks like Fusion to
him, and Piccolo calls it “Fusion of the Heart”.
Gokuu is hungry, and he asks some passing oni (they are pushing a
cage, with Cell and Freeza chained up inside) if they have food. The
boy’s stomach grumbling disturbs Piccolo’s sensitive ears and throws off
his concentration.
#17 is trashing everyone, and Myuu uses a cybernetic link to send
commands mentally to the android. #17 disconnects his hand, to start
shooting at Uubu with a machine gun built into his arm. #17 beats up
Vejiita, to the distress of Pan and Satan.
Black Assistant and Blue Shogun (from the Red Ribbon storyline) are
in line to enter heaven. Blue wants to get into heaven this time, and
Black says that if that happens, he’ll become Kami-sama (Dende’s job.)
Inside the Gatehouse, Enma is reluctantly letting all of the evil people
into heaven; he has no choice because he can’t send them to Hell
Vejiita gets pissed again, goes SSJ again, and attacks again. He and
#17 trade blows, until #17 blasts him out of the sky. Gokuu asks for
Vejiita to hold out a little longer, then an oni brings the boy a bowl
of stew. The chunks of boiled potatoes turn out to be small white
skulls that bounce and jitter (very funny.) Piccolo complains of the
noise. Gokuu apologizes, but his stomach still growls. Somewhere, the
#1 Dragon Ball cracks.

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The attempts to open the cosmic bridge cause the floor stones of
Dende’s palace to shift out of place. Gokuu says that the problem is
one of timing; instead of counting “one, two, three”, they should say
“Ten-don, Katsu-don, Oyaku-don” (names of cooked dishes served over a
bowl of rice.) Piccolo hates doing such a stupid thing, but this is
what worked when Gokuu and Pan had defeated Ruudo. Piccolo and Dende
give in and try again.
This time, the beams meet at exactly the right time, and the cosmic
bridge opens up. The two Namek spread their arms to widen the hole.
Gokuu wastes time, asking why Piccolo doesn’t follow him in. But,
Piccolo can’t move, and he’s resigned himself to staying in Hell. Gokuu
apologizes for putting his friend in this spot. The demon asks the boy
to do his best. Gokuu flies through the hole, and down to Earth.
Dende’s power gives out, and the hole closes as he collapses. Some of
the Ginyuu Team think that they can escape the oni, but run into Piccolo
#17 uses Vejiita as a punching bag. Pan can’t take this anymore, and
wants to fly in to help. But, Satan tells her that she’s not strong
enough to do anything. Gero commands #17 to finish off Vejiita
completely, and the Prince thinks it’s all over, since he can’t move
anymore. Myuu had been impressed with the Saiya-jin’s attempts, anyway.
Then, Pan sneaks in behind Gero, kicks him away, and grabs him around
the neck. She orders Gero to tell #17 to power down. Gero thinks that
he’s just dealing with a mere child, but finds that she’s stronger than
she looks. Gill flies up and pokes a machine gun barrel in Gero’s ear.
Gero gives up and tells #17 to not fire at Vejiita. #17 powers down,
then aims his hand at Gero. Gero asks what’s going on. Myuu chimes in,
saying that #17 only takes orders from Dr. Myuu now. Gero is surprised
by this. Myuu had decided to not use android technology on the new #17
— he used Machine Mutant technology instead, as part of his plan to
take over the galaxy.
#17 shoots. Pan and Gill escape. Gero asks if #17 is going to kill
him a second time. Gero gets destroyed. Satan rushes in to pick up the
motionless Pan. Gill gives off lots of sparks. #17 thinks that humans
are a waste of resources and wants to rid the Earth of them before
continuing on to the rest of the galaxy. Myuu agrees, adding that with
Gokuu out of the way, there’s nothing left to stop them. This
displeases Vejiita no end. The Prince powers up, claiming that he is
Number One, and that he’ll be the one to protect Earth, not Gokuu.
Myuu orders #17 to kill Vejiita, and the android fires just as Gokuu
flies in and carries Vejiita to safety. Vejiita calls Kakarot a bastard
before passing out. Myuu asks how Gokuu had escaped from Hell, and the
boy answers that he’d returned to Earth because the food in Hell tastes
bad. Myuu vows to send Gokuu back to Hell, and the boy doesn’t think
that it will be that easy. He goes SSJ. The narrator asks Gokuu to
save Earth, while Myuu tells #17 to “do it”. #17 and Gokku fly in to
attack; their punches collide.