Dragon Ball GT Episode 43

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Dragonball GT Episode 43
(Aired 04/23/97)

Jigoku no masenshi! Seru & Furiiza fukkatsu
Hell’s Devil Fighters!! The Revival of Cell and Freeza

Gokuu is facing off against Freeza and Cell, across a long, tall
stone bridge. Freeza taunts the boy about looking younger than before,
and Gokuu replies that he’s stronger than he looks. Several oni are
watching in panic, and run off to tell their boss. Cell just looks at
them and blows the oni away. Freeza and Cell want to show off their new
upgrades, and they power up. Gokuu isn’t impressed, and he powers up as
well; destroying the bridge and rocking Dai Enmaoh’s Gate House.
Enma thinks that the fighting in Hell is starting. Gokuu, Cell and
Freeza taunt each other some more, with Cell commenting that it’s been a
long time since he’s had this much fun. They attack.
On Earth, little cybermen are causing havok as Trunks and Goten look
on. Goten thinks they look like cockroaches. Uubu flies up, berates
the two young men for not doing anything, and blasts away at the
cybermen. Goten and Trunks comment on Uubu’s enthusiasm and join in.
Pan is panicking at being chased by Rirudo as she tries to carry Satan
away. Rirudo fires off a missile punch, which is kicked away by Gohan.
Gohan tells his daughter to take Satan to safety. The metal mutant
looks forward to having fun.
Freeza blasts away at Gokuu, and thinks that he’s killed the boy.
But, Gokuu disappears, and Cell makes fun of Freeza for losing their
foe. Freeza counters that Cell can’t sense Gokuu now, telling the
lizard to look up; Gokuu is floating just above Cell’s head. Gokuu
makes fun of both of them. Cell fires off Piccolo’s Makankousappou, and
Freeza uses Kuririn’s cutting energy ball (Ki en zan). The Ki en zan
goes past Gokuu, and boomerangs back. At the last moment, Gokuu jumps
up and rides the energy ball as if it was a skateboard. Cell and Freeza
get upset at being played with. The ball cuts several metal spikes from
the floor, and Gokuu uses one as an attack staff (bo), announcing that
he is “Son Gokuu”. Cell uses kamehame-ha, and Gokuu spins the spike
for “Kamehame-ha Return.” Cell is killed by his own attack. Freeza
shoots another Ki en zan, which Gokuu catches on his spike. The ball is
shot back at Freeza and cuts him in half.
Gokuu is surprised that the fight is over so soon. Cell speaks up,
saying that in Hell, they are undying (zombies). Freeza adds that they
are already dead.
Nappa wipes out a city, gets greeted by Vejiita, and is told that
Hell hasn’t changed him any. Vejiita kills Nappa a second time. The
Saiya Prince is then confronted by “another group of undesirables.” Dr.
Gero and Dr. Myuu are standing on some rubble behind him. Gero orders
“Hell Fighter #17” to attack. The android appears from the ground,
bathed in flames. Vejiita is slightly impressed, and the new #17 just
looks at him evenly.

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Goten, Uubu and Trunks are doing ok, but Rirudo pounds Gohan into a
poster of Mr. Satan. The Mutant uses a mouth blast to turn Gohan’s arm
into metal. There’s a beautiful scene, with Gohan and Rirudo floating
in front of the giant, damaged, picture of Satan.
In Hell, Freeza and Cell double-team Gokuu, and Cell uses
Tenshin-han’s blinding light attack, then consumes the boy with his
tail. Cell absorbs Gokuu, revels in the new power up, and then wonders
why his power has suddenly vanished again. Gokuu ascapes back out of
the tail (very funny, with toilet flushing sounds) and comments on how
close he’d been to actually being absorbed. He says that Freeza and
Cell aren’t strong at all, so Freeza announces that they are going to use
a technique they’d learned in Hell. They shout “Hell Buster”, their eyes
turn yellow, and yellow energy rings trap Gokuu and then force the boy
down through the ground. Gokuu falls to the Hell below Hell.
Eventually, Gokuu is standing near a little girl that is piling up
pebbles (one is for mother, two for father.) The “girl” turns out to be
an ugly old woman that runs this level of Hell. She hasn’t had a
visitor in a long time, and asks Gokuu to join her for a hot bath. The
bath turns out to be a giant stew pot. Gokuu claims that he is not
“oden” (vegitable soup). The woman leads the boy through a series of
Hellish tortures; from a tickle board, to a super hot sauna, and then to
a huge ice maker. The “Snow from Hell” is designed to capture a victim
and encase him in ice. Cell and Freeza laugh at the frozen boy,
expecting him to soon become the most interesting snow cone.
Vejiita and #17 rumble, as the new #17 calls out to the old #17 to
hurry up and arrive so they can become one. Kuririn, Maron, and #18 are
in a car, caught in a traffic jam as everyone tries to escape the city.
#18 complains that she’d told Kuririn that they should have left sooner.
#17 arrives and madly blows up buildings. The three escape their car
just before it explodes. Old #17 calls out to #18, saying that they are
twins, matched androids, and they should join forces to destroy the
Earth. #18’s eyes turn red as she succumbs to her brother’s influence.
Things are looking bleak for the good guys, and the narrator urges Gokuu
to fight back because things are really going to heat up on Earth.