Dragon Ball GT Episode 42

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Dragonball GT Episode 42
(Aired 04/16/97)

Myuu is walking through an evil, barren craggy place, wondering where
he is. He remembers being bested by Gokuu and Pan, and being killed by
Baby. Someone calls out his name, and when he turns around, Earth’s
greatest evil scientist is standing there. Dr. Gero offers to work with
Myuu to get revenge on Gokuu. They shake hands to seal the deal. The
narrator asks what the two Doctors are planning to do in Hell.

Shine Gokuu!! Jigoku kara yomigaeru kyouteki-tachi
Die, Gokuu!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell

At the Son house, Bulma and Bra have been invited over for supper.
The food is delicious, but Bra and Bulma lose their appetites when Chi
Chi explains that the meat came from weird beasts and monsters from
Pauzu mountain (where Gokuu had lived as a child.) Chi Chi is proud of
her cooking, and Pan thinks that it is great. Bulma asks if they eat
this every day, and Videl holds up a rice dish made especially for
The doorbell rings, and Pan runs to answer it, looking forward to
meeting Uncle Trunks. It is Trunks, but he’s been badly hurt, and he
collapses on top of Pan, muttering #17’s name. The group goes outside
and sees a big black hole in the sky. Gokuu comments on the evil energy
that he senses, and Kaiou-sama telepaths in “That’s pretty obvious,
isn’t it?” Gokuu smiles, saying that it’s been a long time since they
last talked, and asks how “old Kaiou” is doing. Kaiou-sama complains
about having a cold, then states that this is not the time for small
All around the world, people can see the hole in the sky. Including
Uubu in his village, and Kuririn in Satan City (Kuririn, Marron and #18
are carrying luggage, and are apparently here to visit the city as
tourists.) Standing on a cliff, #17 is surrounded by a black aura. He
hears a voice telling him that “They are two parts of a whole.” And in
Hell, another #17 is surrounded by a similar aura. The new #17 is
standing next to Gero and Myuu. The two doctors are looking at a big
crystal ball, watching the old #17. Because the new and old #17s are
two halves of a more perfect whole, they are creating a bridge between
Earth and Hell. New #17 powers up, forcing old #17 to do the same.
Their energies meet in the middle and the hole in the sky grows.
People panic and the looting starts. Goten is on a date with Paris,
and he holds her protectively. One of the looters gets tripped by
Vejiita, and tries to punch out the Saiya-jin prince. The mayor of the
city goes on TV to urge people to calm down. In his mansion, Satan is
packing up his trophies and preparing to run away. The freeways leading
from Satan City are jammed up and people are getting angry. Old #17 is
reveling in the power that he is receiving from Hell.
In Hell, all of the demons (oni) are tied up, and some of them are
being dumped into the hole to fall to Earth. This causes more people to
panic. Myuu gloats that phase one of their plan has worked perfectly
— the two #17s have created the world gate. Gero wants to toast their
success at combining android and machine mutant technology. He wants
to go to phase two, and create the perfect Hell Android #17. Myuu acts
puzzled, and Gero has a flashback to when #17 had killed him during the
Future Trunks storyline. Gero states that the old #17 was flawed (which
is why it had rebeled against him.) The new #17 is also flawed, but
this time the flaws cancel out those in the old #17. When the two
androids fuse, all of the flaws will be cancelled, and a perfect #17
will be the result. Gero laughs madly.
Myuu reminds him that they have to deal with Gokuu first. But, Gero
says that phase 2 is already in effect, and Gokuu is now too boring to
waste time worring over. He laughs again.

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Trunks wakes up in bed, saying that he is feeling better. Everyone
bombards him with questions (about the world bridge, about #17 attacking
him, etc.) Trunks tells them to slow down, and he starts from the
beginning. He had left the office to drive to Gokuu’s house. He’d
asked the chauffeur to go a little faster to make up for lost time.
Suddenly, #17 flew down in front of them, and the car crashed into the
android. Trunks asked if the driver was ok, and #17 blew up the car.
Trunks flew to safety with the driver, and then had to take a blast to
the back to protect the driver. Trunks eventually recognized #17’s ki.
#17 pointed to the hole in the sky, saying that it leads to Hell.
Soon, all of the souls in Hell will escape to trash the planet. To stop
this, Gokuu must come to Hell by himself to fight #17. #17 flew off.
End of flashback.
Gokuu thinks about this as Gohan comes up to them to tell them to
check out the TV. A news report shows all of the past enemies flying
around and destroying the city. Gokuu looks forward to fighting the old
villains all over again, and Chi Chi supports him in this. Pan looks
forward to being able to join in. Bulma wonders at their enthusiasm.
Gokuu flies to Hell alone, while everyone else watches. In the city,
Paris is huddling behind a wall as Goten fights Pui Pui (a baddie from
the fight in Babi-Di’s rocket.) Goten wins, Paris applauds, and Yakun
atacks. Trunks arrives to trash Yakun. Paris is all over Goten to see
if he’s ok. Goten and Trunks debate what to do next, then blast #19 to
bits (the android had been hiding behind a building.) Satan is running
away from many Red Ribbon goons, and has to be saved by Pan.
Gokuu reaches Hell, commenting that it’s been a long time since he
was last here (apparently referring to the movie where he fused with
Vejiita). He asks the tied-up oni what they are doing. Gero and Myuu
welcome the boy to Hell. Myuu says that they knew he’d show up. Gokuu
recognizes Myuu, commenting that obviously Myuu would go to Hell in the
afterlife. Myuu and Gero both laugh, and Gokuu waits expectently to
find out why. The boy thinks that he will have to fight them both, and
is surprised when Gero says that they are too busy to fight. The
doctors fly through the world gate as Gokuu yells at them to come back
and attack him. New #17 goes through the gate and it begins to close
behind him. Gokuu tells them to wait for him, and tries to follow.
The gate closes and Gokuu hurts his head on the ground. He demands
that the gate open again, and someone laughs at him. He looks up as
(through the crystal ball) Gero explains that with #17 out of Hell, the
boy is trapped there forever. Leaving Myuu and Gero free to take over
the Earth at their leisure. Pan notices that the hole has closed, and
she cries at the thought that Gokuu won’t be able to come back.
Gokuu complains about having been cheated. He settles down on
realizing that Freeza and Cell are still there for him. The narrator
tells us that Gokuu had fallen for the trap, and can’t leave Hell again.
The narrator continues, saying that the battle with Cell and Freeza will
begin now. Gero and Myuu announce that part three of their plan will
commence, and Gokuu tells Cell and Freeza that he’s not the same fighter
he’d been when they had last faced each other.