Dragon Ball GT Episode 39

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Dragonball GT Episode 39
(Aired 02/26/97)

Kore de Saigo da! Tsui ni bebii shoumetsu
This is How it Ends! At Last, Baby’s Extinction.

There is more of an explosion from both fighters as the rest of the
world looks on gape-jawed. Gokuu and Baby face off as the smoke clears,
and both of them claim to be able to defeat the other. In anticipation
of a good fight, they go into a running attack, throwing energy balls at
each other. They work up a sweat and take a breather, allowing Gohan,
Trunks, and Goten to speculate that Gokuu has taken serious damage.
Pan objects to this, believing that Gokuu can not lose this one.
On Dai Kaiou-shin’s planet, the old coot is watching the contest on
his crystal ball. Kaiou-bit teleports in and asks how it’s going. Dai
Kaiou-shin roughs up Kaiou-bit and gets the younger Kaiou-shin to root
blindly for Gokuu. Kaiou-bit says that he’s got the Chou-sui water, and
they start planning on how to use it on the infected Earthlings.
Baby is showing signs of wear, and Gokuu taunts him for tiring so
quickly, and threatening to become boring. Baby takes the bait and
fires off a major energy ball. It misses, and Gokuu makes fun of the
ape. Baby goes full out, launching a series of cutting disks. Which
also miss. Gokuu likes Baby’s attempt, and just stands in place as Baby
ends up making a large lake of molten lava.
Gokuu loses track of Baby in the steam, and the golden Oozaru takes
the opportunity to create a massive Revenge Death Ball — it’s his
ultimate one-shot, and he launches it at SSJ4 Gokuu. Baby is happy with
his RDB, and Gokuu struggles to keep it from plowing over him. Pan has
to be restrained from running up to help her grandfather. The ball
crushes forward, pushing Gokuu deep into a cliff side. Baby hopes for
the best (Gokuu’s death), while Gokuu uses thoughts of his children as
the reason to keep fighting to the very end. He bulks up some more, and
absorbs the energy from the Revenge Death Ball; it turns into a tornado
and dissapates.
Gokuu tells Baby that Baby can’t win that way, and he powers up in
preparation to firing Kamehame-ha.

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Baby seems to have forgotten how to use Kamehame-ha to enter an
enemy’s body. He gets hit by the blast and goes flying into the air.
He lands where Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Uubu, and Satan are hiding.
They scatter, then return to look at the motionless were-monkey embedded
in the ground. Pan asks if he’s dead, and Gohan says no, he can still
hear a heartbeat. Gokuu floats up, smiling happily at his foe. Pan
cheers him on to kill Baby, and is reminded that Vejiita will die also.
Pan forgot about that, but Trunks says it’s ok — if Baby dies,
countless innocent lives will be saved in the long run.
Gokuu thinks a bit, then fires a blast into Baby’s back. Trunks
yells and turns away. When the light fades, we see that Gokuu has
completely blown off Baby’s tail. The monkey screams as he reverts back
to Vejiita-Baby’s earlier form. Baby tries to figure out what’s
happening, and concludes that he can’t remain an oozaru without the
tail. He doesn’t need Vejiita’s body anymore, and oozes out to the
ground. Satan chases the silvery bouncing ball, until it stops and Baby
takes on his true shape again. Satan starts apologizing, and the 4
Saiya-jin halfbreeds encircle him. Baby emits a bright light and
escapes. Pan tells this to her granddad, and Gokuu reminds them of
Vejiita. Trunks comforts his battered father, and Vejiita and Gokuu
trade knowing smiles.
Baby flies to where Bulma is waiting with a big green space ship.
She offers to give her master all of the energy from the Tsufuru-jin so
that he can resume fighting. However, Baby bats her away and flies off
in the ship (Bulma keeps calling “Baby-sama”.) Pan is afraid that the
monster will escape, but Gokuu is just biding his time until the ship is
in line with the sun. He fires off Kamehame-ha. Baby senses the great
“ki” from the Super Saiya-jin before disintegrating into a machine-parts
filled vapor.
Gokuu can’t feel Baby’s ki anymore, and Pan rejoices at her granddad’s
victory. Later, at Dende’s palace, Pan is complaining that after
reverting from SSJ4 form, Gokuu is once again a small child. She
remembers him as a Super Saiya-jin 4, and the boy says that he can now
go SSJ4 on command. Pan wants him to do that for her at parties.
Kaiou-bit hands over a Chou-sui flask, and it is poured down on Earth as
a light rain.
Turns out that “Baby” City wasn’t destroyed by Baby after all (either
that, or it was secretly restored again.) Kuririn, Maron, and #18
return to normal very quickly and wonder what is going on. Gohan and
Kaiou-bit go to Plant and give sips of water to the Tsufuru-jin there.
Videl and Bulma stand around in wonder. Gokuu is thinking that
everything is ok now, as the Earth starts to break up.
Gokuu argues with Dende — this isn’t supposed to happen because he’d
brought back the Dragon Balls within one year like he was supposed to
do. Dende falls to his knees and apologizes for having given the Balls
to Baby to use. Pan does a quick calculation, and discovers that even
if they get the Balls again, it will be two weeks too late to restore
the Earth.