Dragon Ball GT Episode 37

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Dragonball GT Episode 37
(Aired 02/12/97)

Souzetsu!! Bebii to Gokuu dabura KO!!
?? !! Baby and Gokuu — Double KO!!

Gokuu is still alive, but hurting. Golden Oozaru Baby is laughing
and about to finish Gokuu off. The citizenry is cheering their leader
on. Suddenly, Baby’s body starts sparking, and the city takes some more
damage. Baby’s body is starting to suffer from the delayed effects of
the Times 10 Kamehame-ha, although Baby denies that this is possible.
Gokuu recovers a little, and they taunt each other some more before
bashing away again. They KO each other and drop to the ground.
Dai Kaiou-shin takes some time to convince Kaiou-bit this is NOT the
time to teleport Gokuu to safety. Dai Kaiou-shin wants Kaiou-bit to get
the Chou-sui (Magic Water that supposedly was at the top of Karin Tower)
and give it to Trunks and Gokuu’s kids. Kaiou-bit has to explain to
Suguro that the Chou-sui water is capable of cleansing the evil away
from whatever it is splashed on. Kaiou-bit teleports out, then back —
he doesn’t know where the Chou-sui water is. Dai Kaiou-shin yells that
it is in Dende’s palace.
Kaiou-bit teleports to the palace, evades Mr. Poppo (who is outside
sweeping the floor), then enters a room where there are MANY jars of
water. He can’t find the real Chou-sui container, and is interrupted by
Dende and Mr. Poppo (they accuse him of sneaking inside like a cat
burglar). There is a water fight, and Kaiou-bit is losing. Finally, he
throws the real Chou-sui water at Mr. Poppo, and it starts working
(Poppo goes into spasms, and a red cloud of vapor leaves his body.)
Dende also gets some in the face. Eventually, both Dende and Mr. Poppo
are healed. Kaiou-bit takes more of the water and teleports to Trunks.
Neither Mr. Poppo nor Dende remember what happened during their
possession by Baby, and they are confused as to what Kaiou-bit is up to.

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Kaiou-bit runs to Trunks, and gets him to drink the water — red
vapor leaves Trunks’ body and he groans a lot. Finally, Trunks wakes up
and wonders what Kaiou-bit is doing here. It starts raining on the two
unconscious warriors (Baby and Gokuu). Trunks is told what has happened
to Earth, and the Tsufuru-jin, and the two of them go to rescue the
others. Bulma wakes up, sees Baby on the ground, and starts aiming
her satellite on the big ape. Her rays hit him, and she calls out for
Baby-sama to recover. Accidently, some of the concentrated Earth light
hits Gokuu as well. Baby groans, commenting on the power he is
receiving from Bulma’s ray. Oozaru Baby gets up, praising Bulma. He
powers up, and the shockwave prevents Trunks and Kaiou-bit from getting
closer to the city. They drop the water bottle.
Gokuu is also ready to start fighting again, and they taunt each
other some more. Suguro thinks that Gokuu has a chance, but Dai
Kaiou-shin states that the Times 10 Kamehame-ha has drained Gokuu too
much and that he will lose now. Gokuu also knows that he has no real
power. Baby shouts out, and the air blast blows SSJ4 Gokuu away. But,
Gokuu keeps bluffing. Baby stomps forward as Gokuu braces for the
worst. Pan and Satan watch on in fear, and Bulma gloats some more.
Gohan is being given some of the water.