Dragon Ball GT Episode 35

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Dragonball GT Episode 35
(Aired 01/29/97)

Saikyou! Gokuu ga suupaa Saiya-jin 4 ni!!
Final Strength! Gokuu Becomes Super Saiya-jin 4!!

Gokuu continues to yell, and lightning flashes around him as he
changes. His true self breaks through, and the mountain he is on
collapses. In the rubble is Gokuu 4 (He looks like the adult Gokuu,
with a little more muscle, long black hair, red fur over his torso, and
red lining his eyes.) Pan freaks over the new change, thinking that it
is really cool. Dai Kaiou-shin celebrates, claiming that this is his
responsibility. Pan complains about all the destruction that Gokuu made.
Satan hopes that Gokuu is now strong enough to defeat Baby, and Gokuu
comments that his strength may be enough. He senses Vejiita-Baby’s ki
and flies off, leaving Satan to care for Pan (ignoring Pan’s questions
about who he is now.)
Vejiita-Baby is trying to figure out why Vejiita’s body is not
turning into a were-monkey when he looks at the full Earth, and Bulma
says that he is missing his tail. Gokuu busts into Capsule Corp., and
Bulma runs away. Gokuu calls her name. As a Tsufuru-jin, Bulma turns,
sneers, and condemns him to Hell. Vejiita-Baby and Gokuu fight. Dai
Kaiou-shin wonders why Gokuu isn’t fighting full-out. Gokuu lets
himself get punched up, then complains that Vejiita-Baby’s blows are
weak. Vejiita-Baby goes into a rage and creates a big Revenge Death
Ball. Gokuu just stands on the ground, watching as the huge black star
inches towards him.

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The Ball crushes into the ground and explodes. Dai Kaiou-shin
panics, and Vejiita-Baby is panting heavily. Vejiita-Baby can’t believe
his eyes when he sees Gokuu standing on a pillar in the middle of the
big crater. Dai Kaiou-shin complains about the shock to his heart just
now. Gokuu tells Vejiita-Baby that V-B can not beat him now. V-B
freaks. Gokuu does some damage to Vejiita-Baby, and Bulma panics that
her master is going to get killed. V-B tries to get Gokuu to remember
that Vejiita is going to die too. Gokuu comments that Baby still doesn’t
understand that Saiya-jin live to fight, and accept death as a side-
effect. They fight. Bulma calls out that she’s about to help her
husband, using a focus multiplier to take the Earth’s light and magnify
it enough to turn V-B into a were-monkey even without the tail. Gokuu
is about to kill Vejiita-Baby with Kamehame-ha, and Bulma turns on the
multiplier. Vejiita-Baby isn’t ready, but he turns into a were-monkey
anyway. Dai Kaiou-shin notices that the new golden monkey DOES have
a tail, and he doesn’t know what this will mean.
Baby trashes his own planet, and easily bats Gokuu out of the sky.
Gokuu can’t believe golden oozaru Vejiita-Baby’s power, and it looks
like this just might be the warm-up to SSJ4 Baby. Bulma calls out for
Vejiita-Baby to kill the evil Gokuu.