Dragon Ball GT Episode 33

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Dragonball GT Episode 33
(Aired 01/15/96)

Kurae Bebii!! Shinsei Uubu hissatsu kousen!!
Eat This, Baby! New Uubu’s Killing Light Ray!!

Gokuu is still in pain, as the others struggle to pull his tail out.
The boy asks what is happening on the crystal ball, and escapes the
pincers to get a better look. Impressed at Uubu’s new power, Gokuu
grabs a boulder and asks the old coot to pull out his tail faster. The
old coot asks for Suguro’s help, and the space tanuki turns into a rope
to tie Gokuu in place. Then, Kaiou-bit, the old coot, and Suguro (a
continuity error here?) keep yanking as Gokuu keeps yells in pain.
Baby tells his people to move back. Uubu starts bulking up. Baby is
expecting to have some real fun this time, but Uubu’s new powers
surprise him and he gets pounded. Uubu announces that he’s merged with
Buu, and slams Baby into the ground. Uubu tries to turn Baby into
chocolate, but Baby escapes. Lots of bystanders get converted instead.
Uubu apologizes and promises to turn the people back into humans later.
Uubu attacks with a neat series of guided energy beams that turn into
a tornado before slamming towards Baby. Baby and Uubu go into another
energy beam showdown. Meanwhile, Gokuu tells the others to stop
pulling, because he has a better idea. In the next scene, Dai
Kaiou-shin is complaining about being tied to the boulder himself, and
Kaiou-bit is asking what the idea is. Gokuu tells the old coot to grab
his tail with the pincers, powers up a bit, and starts walking foward at
his own pace. The tail begins to emerge inch by inch. The tail reaches
full length, Kaiou-bit comments on this, the old coot lets go of the
pincers, and Gokuu goes flying away to smash into a distant boulder.
Using binoculars, Kaiou-bit announces that they’ve finally succeeded.
Gokuu happily waves his tail.

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The Tsufuru-jin worry about their master, and Baby says that he’s
done playing. Uubu’s blast is returned back at him, and he starts
changing. Kaiou-bit teleports to Planet Plant with Gokuu, and they try
to locate Uubu. Uubu turns into chocolate, falls to the ground, and is
eaten by Baby. Gokuu flies up, upset that he didn’t arrive in time to
save his friend. Baby comments on Gokuu’s still being alive.
They taunt each other again, and Gokuu shows his tail to prove that
he can defeat Baby now. Baby is not impressed, so Gokuu goes SSJ-3.
They fight again, and Gokuu still can’t accomplish much. Baby says that
the boy is weak, grabs the tail, and flings Gokuu into the ground to
make a long trench. Gokuu yells out to ask Dai Kaiou-shin what’s wrong.
The old coot doesn’t know. Gokuu smashes into a boulder, passes out and
powers down. Baby thinks that it’s over, and flies closer.
Gokuu rolls over on his back, and curses at being too weak.
Kaiou-bit and Dai Kaiou-shin try to figure out what the problem is.
Gokuu stares up at Earth, wishing that he could protect it. He thinks
about all of his friends, and how he can’t save them. Then, his tail
begins to twitch, and his heart starts speeding up in reaction to the
light from the Full Earth. Gokuu begins transforming into a
were-monkey, to the joy of Kaiou-bit and Dai Kaiou-shin. This time, the
transformation includes a power up, and lots of damage to the
countryside. Baby doesn’t understand what’s happening.
Gokuu starts out as a giant brown were-monkey, and keeps changing to
become a giant golden were-monkey (ougon oozaru). Using Vejiita’s
memories, Baby realizes that the light from the Full Earth has turned
Gokuu into an oozaru. The Narrator asks if Gokuu’s long-awaited
change-over is enough to defeat Baby.