Dragon Ball GT Episode 30

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Dragonball GT Episode 30
(Aired 11/13/96)

Gokuu shoumetsu!? Ora wa shinjimatta da
Gokuu Has Passed On!? “I’m Dead.”

Buu spits out Satan — he revels in his new freedom until succumbing
to gravity. Pan is crying over Gokuu’s death. Vejiita-Baby takes his
position on a floating stone throne, and Dende hands over the Dragon
Balls. Since he has everything else that he wants, Vejiita-Baby summons
Shenlon and wishes for a planet to be placed next to Earth that is just
like Plant used to be. (Buu asks if it is night already.) Planet is
created complete with buildings, but with no people. Shenlon bids them
farewell and the Balls fly away.
Pan collapses, realizing that Earth will explode when one year is up,
and Satan panicks at this thought. Buu is more blase, having been
through this before, and thinking that things can be fixed afterwards.
Satan tells Pan that while they are still alive, that she should remain
cheerful. But, her silent cries are heard by Gokuu and he wakes up. A
small blue-skinned, big headed dwarf named Suguro appears and hassles
Gokuu (“Suguro-ku” could be “6 again”, or “I am the best.”)
The rest of this exchange has Gokuu claiming that he is “Gokuu”, not
some kid. Suguro is the host of a parody of Japanese game shows.
Gokuu isn’t dead yet, but that will be determined by the outcome of the
game. They each take turns throwing a die and moving on a 3-D game
board. Suguro is friends with the creature posing as the die, so he
keeps landing on the good squares, while Gokuu hits the bad ones (often,
the bad squares include having to answer questions that Gokuu doesn’t
understand.) But, while the penalty for a wrong answer is death, Gokuu
keeps evading the traps. (Suguro has been in this purgatory for
millions of years. There haven’t been any visitors for a long while,
which has given Suguro lots of free time.) Gokuu initially thinks that
the game will be fun, which is why he decides to play along.

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Turns out that Kaiou-bit had tried to rescue Gokuu in the previous
episode, but the Revenge Death Ball had disrupted his teleport and he’d
lost Gokuu while warping. Kaiou-bit teleports to Dai Kaiou-shin’s
planet (where the old coot is fishing) to ask for help. However, even
Dai Kaiou-shin can’t do anything about Suguro-ku (the name of the
purgatory), so he tells Kaiou-bit to stop interferring with his fishing.
On Earth, Vejiita-Baby and his minions gather at Capsule Corp., where
Bulma is unveiling her giant machine (purpose is to get the minions to
New Plant, but the operation is unknown. The machine looks like a big
black version of the Capsule Corp. building.) Pan sees Trunks with the
others and yells out, but Satan stops her and says that Trunks has also
been controlled. Pan cries some more.

(In the first square of the game, Gokuu has to return to START. In
the second, he has to answer questions he doesn’t understand. In the
third, he has to keep from shedding tears — from chopped onions and
from a giant hypodermic needle wielded by Chichi. Later, he has to jump
to floating islands over a lava pit on command. Gokuu asks why he’s the
only one to get the bad squares, and Suguro answers that it’s a matter
of luck.
The narrator sums up the situation, and Vejiita-Baby claims that the
galaxy is now his for the taking. The narrator yells out for Gokuu to
hurry — this is no time for games.