Dragon Ball GT Episode 29

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Dragonball GT Episode 29
(Aired 11/06/96)

Chou Yabai!? Suupaa Saiyajin 3 yabureru!!
This is Really Bad!? Supper Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!

The Son house is in ruins, and Satan is waiting to see if Gokuu will
fall for the trap. Vejiita-Baby goads our hero by claiming that all of
Earth will be controlled by Tsufuru-jin. Satan yells out that Baby
can’t get into Buu, and therefore Baby is lying. Gokuu comments that
Satan is the same as ever, and Our Savior yells back that this is why
Gokuu should listen to him and not fight. Vejiita-Baby now understands
“the Fat One’s” secret and decides to simply kill him. V-B blasts the
Earth. Buu narrowly rescues Satan before flying off. Gokuu asks Buu to
see to Pan; Buu agrees. Satan taunts Vejiita-Baby for not killing him,
and Buu uses Its magic to turn Satan and Pan into cookies and eats them.
Gohan intends to shoot Buu, but Vejiita-Baby stops him and reminds
the brothers that the real target is Gokuu. V-B asks if Gokuu can fight
his own children, which is not a problem for our hero. V-B and Gokuu
trade punches a bit, and it looks like Vejiita has gotten much stronger
lately. One of V-B’s blasts creates a new inland sea. Then, Trunks and
Bra fly up. Gokuu warns Trunks of the danger. Unfortunately, it’s too
late. Both Trunks and Bra show a serious case of red eye (proving that
Baby controls them.) Trunks claims that he is not the same person he
was the day before, and announces that Baby is his master.
Our hero realizes that Kami-sama has also been controlled and that
all of Earth is his enemy. He doesn’t understand how this is happening,
but he accepts it as is. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Bra move in to pummel
Gokuu, but Vejiita-Baby tells them to not interfere. This is fine by
Gokuu too. Vejiita-Baby powers up and Gokuu goes SSJ3. Vejiita-Baby
looks very punk now, while Gokuu looks like a mini version of his old
SSJ3 self. V-B asks if that is the best that Gokuu can do, or should he
wait a little longer? They fight. The planet gets trashed, and V-B
easily holds his ground to Gokuu’s concern.
Gokuu has not been this excited over a fight in a long time, but on
his next pass, he loses his powers. Vejiita-Baby asks what’s wrong,
adding that SSJ3 is over now. The boy guesses that his small body
doesn’t have the power to hold the SSJ3 level. Vejiita-Baby fires off
another blast, to send Gokuu to Hell.

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But, Gokuu isn’t finished yet. He wants to go mano-a-mano.
Vejiita-Baby beats up the boy a bit, and our hero keeps chuckling with
each new pounding — a gleam growing in his eye. Eventually, unable to
move, Gokuu admits that Vejiita-Baby is strong. The monster claims that
he can still get stronger, and wants to show off before killing the boy
once and for all. V-B tells Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Bra to give him
their Saiya power. The four link hands and revolve around their master.
They go red eye, and the skies go just as red. V-B goes to Super Baby
— Vejiita’s body gets bulkier and becomes part of a uniform with
heat-shedding fins. The four run out of power, and Super Vejiita-Baby
revels in the glow.
Gokuu keeps chuckling, saying that he can feel SV-B’s great power —
but he still won’t lose to Baby. SV-B starts pounding him again. SV-B
demands the power from all his other Tsufuru-human subjects in order to
attain his perfect form. SV-B bulks up more, and his uniform is now a
black layer over his skin, with yellow fins and boots, and a
Freeza-style fighting jacket over his chest. The excess energy forms
the “Tsufuru Black Revenge”. Perfect Vejiita-Baby calls out “Revenge
Death Ball” and propels it at Gokuu. The boy curses, unable to move.
The Revenge Death Ball sinks into the Earth and blows up. Somewhere in
the artic wastes, Buu sees the dark red cloud on the horizon.
Vejiita-Baby laughs, having his final revenge. Buu tells the two
cysts inside him that the loud explosion they heard came from a big
blast, and that Gokuu’s ki has disappered. Gokuu seems to be dead.
Vejiita-Baby plans to repopulate the universe with Tsufuru-jin. And,
the narrator asks that if Gokuu is dead, who will save the Earth?