Dragon Ball GT Episode 27

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Dragonball GT Episode 27
(Aired 10/23/96)

Yabou kansei!? Nottorareta Bejiita
Ambition Achieved!? Vejiita Possessed.

As mentioned in the notes by Ed Gorgon and Wuken, the opening
animation has been altered, though the music is the same. We get to see
Perfect Baby and SSJ4 Gokuu.

Vejiita and Bra are out driving in the midst of Bra’s shopping spree.
Bra mentions that this is the first time they’ve done this, and asks
what her daddy bought. He refuses to answer, but it looks like a
shaving kit (with a picture of robot-Toriyama shaving on the cover).
Then, two goons drive up and ask Bra to dump her “date with the old
man” and join them. Vejiita rips out their steering wheel and the goons
go off a cliff into the bay. Bra yells out that her father is very
strong, and that she is too busy shopping to mess with them (Vejiita is
not impressed with her.)
At Capsule Corp., Chichi, Bulma and Videl are hovering over the sick
form of Goten lying on the couch. He is unconscious and seems to be
struggling with something. Chichi doesn’t understand what is wrong.
Gohan-Baby senses Vejiita and gets up to leave the room. Chichi and
Videl want him to stay at least until after supper, but the scholar
heads for the door. Videl confronts her husband, but Gohan-Baby issues
a spark that blows out some lamps, tells his wife to shut up, and leaves
the room. G-B steps on Gohan’s glasses, and says that he’s found
Vegiita. Chichi collapses, yelling for Gokuu to hurry back home. On
the CC ship, Gokuu sneezes, not because people are talking about him but
because of the cold. Gill has discovered the last Dragon Ball on a
frozen planet, and Gokuu is the only one not wearing a warm coat (Gill
is wearing it.) He sneezes on Trunks, and Pan tells her father to
cover/wipe his nose. (The planet they are going to seems to be called
Gohan-Baby is flying over a desert, happy with the great power he’s
gotten from his new host, and he tells Vejiita to wait for him. In the
car, Bra is happy that her father has been with her so long, and
predicts that Bulma will be furious with them. Vejiita panic brakes to
avoid the flashes in front of them. Bra berates him for this, then sees
Gohan standing on a wind mill. Bra can’t believe that Gohan is going to
attack, but Vejiita can. Gohan-Baby blows up the car, and is pleased at
how easily Vejiita avoided the blast. Vejiita asks who the alien is,
and Bra is convinced that this is still their friend. She lashes out at
Gohan for not apologizing, and wants him to pay for new stuff.
Gohan-Baby realizes that she is also partially Saiya-jin, but Vejiita
throws his daughter away into the air before G-B can act. Vejiita tells
her to go home, and she tries to argue before giving up and leaving.
Gohan-Baby settles for fighting only Vejiita, who asks again who
Gohan really is. G-B asks if the “Saiya-jin” has really forgotten him.
Vejiita laughs, remembering the “Tsufuru-jin”. G-B is happy at this,
and attacks. In Capsule Corp., Goten recovers and asks where
“Paris-chan” is. Chichi is all over her boy in relief, and he asks for
water. Chichi worries over his dry/sore throat. When Goten drinks the
water, he goes into spasms. He announces that he has to go outside.
Chichi tries to make him stay and rest, and he pushes her away before
flying off. Chichi is upset at losing her other son, and Goten seems to
be possessed again.

[First eye-catch: Everyone piles into a jeep before Gokuu and a
dragon crush the jeep.]

[Commercial Message]

[Second eye-catch: Everyone drives away, leaving the dragon behind.]

Vejiita remembers that the Tsufuru-jin were lousy fighters, then
Gohan-Baby wipes up the road with Vejiita’s face. G-B again says that
he likes this Saiya-jin’s power, and rushes forward to take over
Vejiita’s body. The Saiya-jin Prince attacks back, saying that he won’t
be defeated by a Tsufuru-jin, and the two badger each other (Vejiita’s
enemy is still only Kakarot.) They fire massive energy blasts at each
other. The resulting chaos destroys some of the wind mills in this wind
mill field. The battle is fast and furious, and Gohan-Baby is pleased
that Vejiita is significantly better than Gohan. Goten arrives, and
Vejiita tells him to stay out of the way. Goten immediately asks if
that is Gohan, and the older brother says “yes, your older brother.”
Vejiita tells the boy to leave, and Goten does that, then fires an
energy ball at the Prince’s back. Goten asks Vejiita who it is that
he’s really here to rescue. Gohan-Baby laughs at Vejiita’s reaction.
There is more fighting, before Vejiita is surrounded by the two
enemy. Vejiita attacks but keeps missing because, as G-B says, Vejiita
can’t accurately sense their Ki’s anymore. Vejiita starts powering up
past SSJ, and G-B goads him on. The energy sphere around the Prince
destroys more wind mills and pushes the two enemy away. But, Baby had
abandoned his hosts, and the Tsufuru-jin enters Vejiita’s body through
all of the cuts he has. Vejiita takes a while to realize that he has
been invaded. Baby takes pleasure in Vejiita’s inability to move, as
part of the revenge for all of the dead Tsufuru-jin.
In a flashback, we are told that Planet Plant was a peaceful place
until it was rained on by hundreds of Saiya single-person space
capsules. Under the full moon, the giant were-monkeys (Ouzaru) took
over the planet and destroyed whole cities. King Vejiita (Vejiita’s
father) killed many of the Tsufuru. The remaining surviving scientist
put his soul/essence into a “seed” and fired it into space (where it was
found by Dr. Myuu.)
Vejiita asks what this has to do with Goten, and it turns out that
when Baby enters someone, he leaves an “egg” in the victim. This allows
Baby to maintain control after he has switched hosts. This has happened
to both Goten and Gohan. Eventually, Vejiita is conquered by his own
egg, and Vejiita-Baby looks forward to taking over the entire planet of
Earth. The only person Baby intends to kill is — Gokuu.
And, on the ice planet, a semi-frozen Gokuu falls through a snow bank
and locates the last Dragon Ball (#2). The three adventurers happily
leave the ice planet to return home. On Earth, Vejiita-Baby’s energy is
causing the wind mills to turn. And, the narrator asks Gokuu to hurry
back, although it won’t be the same planet anymore.